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Daniel Radcliffe admits he used 'Harry Potter' as an excuse not to go to school


The young artist hated sitting in class. "Harry Potter" But you and I were not taken from an ordinary school to Hogwarts ... Photo: Global Look Press The main star of "Harry Potter" Daniel Radcliffe admitted that he continued to act in one film about wizards after another in order not to go to school. In a new interview, the 33-year-old actor noted that he was very lucky with the Potter series, as it gave him the opportunity to disappear on the set and not attend classes. Of course, the boy did not completely abandon school, but he appeared there only occasionally.

“My mom and dad asked me after each film: “Do you still like it and do you want to return (to filming. - Approx. auth. )?” I always said, "Yeah, I hate school," Daniel said in an interview hosted by A24 Film Company . 

The actor repeated that he did not like school and he had no one to communicate with there. His interlocutor noted that Radcliffe is a very thoughtful guy who knows a lot of fun facts and gives the impression of a person who loves to learn. And it is strange that with such a character he hated school.

Daniel, on the other hand, told the story of how, at the age of eight or nine, one of the teachers called him stupid. The future movie hero then mentally sent the teacher to hell and decided that he would study the way he wanted to. Minus five points to Gryffindor.

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