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Dana Borisova made fun of the appearance of Anna Kalashnikova's groom


The ex-bride of Prokhor Chaliapin hid her new chosen one for three years.

After a loud break with Prokhor Chaliapin, Anna Kalashnikova stopped sharing the details of her personal life. The 36-year-old star hid a new lover for three years. Anna explained the decision not to show her chosen one by fear of criticism and the evil eye. Just last month, Kalashnikova finally released a snapshot of her partner's face and also revealed his name. The lover of the star turned out to be businessman Ivan Semyonov. The chosen one of Kalashnikova has already been criticized by TV presenter Dana Borisova. In her microblog on Instagram, Borisova posted pictures of Kalashnikova's groom and commented on his appearance (the author's spelling and punctuation hereinafter are given unchanged. - Ed.):

“It's nice when a woman loves man not for his appearance. Anh, but your fiancé doesn’t have a friend as nice as I would have met.


Dana Borisova made fun of the appearance of the groom of Anna Kalashnikova

According to Kalashnikova, at one time her chosen one also courted Olga Buzova. Last Thursday, Anna Kalashnikova became the heroine of the YouTube show “Alena, Damn!”, Where she said that her current chosen one had once tried to win Buzova's favor. The star noted that he gave the singer an expensive gift, but she was not interested in the boyfriend:

“We met in a common company and since then we have been together for two years. By the way, he courted Olga Buzova. He gave her expensive earrings from the GRAFF brand, which Olga is proud of. But she did not appreciate the boyfriend himself. " Kalashnikova also added that she loves luxury and rich men, so she noticed the businessman right away and even took the first step to get to know him herself.

In an interview, Kalashnikova also stated that Borisova sends her his provocative photos. Dana, in turn, was not at a loss and replied that she would only send such things to men: “@annakalash revealed a terrible secret. Like, I send her my photos, which causes serious damage to her already unstable psyche. Anna, I can say one thing. DREAMING IS NOT HARMFUL, and if I ever sinned like this, then only EXCLUSIVELY FOR MEN, but certainly not in relation to such a madam, in forever tight-fitting brocade mini-dresses ”.


Dana Borisova commented on the release of the YouTube show "Alena, Damn!" with Anna Kalashnikova

It should be noted that last weekend it became known that Kalashnikova decided to take a crucial step - the star is marrying a businessman. Semyonov made his beloved an offer during a joint vacation in Dubai, when the couple was alone in the desert. The businessman and the star have already informed family and friends about their decision. Kalashnikova noted that the marriage proposal was a pleasant surprise for her. However, Anna did not reveal the details of the upcoming wedding ceremony, referring to the fact that she wants to keep the details secret until a more appropriate moment.

By the way, Kalashnikova and Semenov celebrated their first anniversary at the end of last year. On December 7, Anna arranged a romantic surprise for the chosen one, which, in addition to dinner in one of the Moscow restaurants, included a fire show and fireworks on the territory of an elite suburban complex. Such a gift cost the star a round sum - Kalashnikova spent at least a million rubles on a surprise for her partner.


We add that Anna's lover also constantly pleases the bride with expensive presents. Last fall, the businessman presented the star with luxurious diamond earrings for 15 million rubles. Kalashnikova gladly demonstrated the decoration at Dmitry Malikov's apartment house, which she visited at the end of September. It is worth noting that earlier Semyonov had already spoiled the chosen one with no less expensive surprises - it is known that Ivan gave Anna an apartment for 40 million, as well as a car for 20 million. Anna Kalashnikova is getting married




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