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"Cowardly gene": Sean Penn threw a public scandal because of men in skirts


According to the actor, men are “feminized”. 

In the distant 90s, Sean Penn often found himself at the center of scandals: he threatened paparazzi with weapons, threw stones at fans, quarreled with directors, fought with his girls. In general, having fun.

But the modern "cancellation culture" in Hollywood has put the bully down. But apparently not for long. Penn decided to explode during an interview for the Independent . So much so that the magazine was frightened and hung the label "the position is considered obsolete and has nothing to do with modern reality." And there is a reason. The actor accused modern men of having cowardice genes, because of which they ceased to be men.

Sean made a harsh speech next to his daughter Dylan, who clearly demonstrated that the father’s theory had some basis - she did not dare to either support the parent or refute his statements. She just looked away from the camera. Seann's words sound very clear:

“I think men have become very feminized. I know strong women who don't see masculinity as a sign of oppression. But there are also genes for cowardice, and they make people change jeans for skirts. I don't think it's good to be rude, insensitive and disrespectful to each other, but I don't think that in order to be fair to women, we ourselves have to become them.

Photo source: Legion-Media

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