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Copy of Irina Shayk: what is known about the Timati's new girlfriend?


Another model of the famous rapper, who was "figured out" through social networks.

Autumn romance

In early autumn 2021, fans actively discussed Timati's alleged girlfriend: after the dark-haired winner of The Bachelor Katya Safarova, the rapper drew attention to the blonde. True, he did not begin to reveal the identity of the girl, but left “hints” in the form of a female hand with a red manicure and a ring.


Sasha Dony

Attentive users found the owner of the above artifacts and named a new passion. She turned out to be the Ukrainian model Sasha Doney, who loves to sit on the twine and at the same time wear several crosses on her wide chest. Doney did not escape comparison with Alena Shishkova, Timati's former lover, who gave birth to his daughter Alice. Alena and Sasha are really similar: slender, fair-haired beauties with prominent breasts and lips, both taller than their chosen one.

Joint pictures of the musician and model did not appear on social networks.

However, the romantic images of the couple touched almost no one: in the star public, they talked about Dony's secret lover, who paid the rapper to promote his chosen one (and this made sense - the number of the girl's followers increased by 5 times in September alone).

new brunette

According to a similar scenario, the unraveling of the singer's current "romance" is also developing. Only this time they were looking not for his lover, but, on the contrary, for evidence that it was he who was depicted in the pictures of model Valentina Ivanova from vacation.

The girl posted several “mysterious” photos: white sneakers are visible on some (it seems that Timati wears the same ones, on the other hand, who does not wear white shoes like the heroes of The Squid Game ); on others - a darkened neck and the head of a certain man (on the neck one can faintly distinguish the tattoos, and for some reason they are attributed to this star womanizer).

At the same time, the musician, judging by his instagram, went on vacation with his family: with his son Ratmir (from TV presenter Nastya Reshetova), daughter Alisa and mother Simona Yunusova, so, probably, Valya managed to get to know them.

Meet Irina

Valentina has already been called the new Irina Shayk: in addition to a similar appearance (large eyes and lips), Ivanova most often takes part in underwear advertising campaigns. Shayk also gained her first popularity thanks to her collaboration with Intimissimi and an affair with a famous man - Cristiano Ronaldo, thanks to which she became one of the few Russians who conquered the West . Of course, Irina, or rather Valentina, was also suspected of a PR romance: Timati changes partners too often and without a twinge of conscience raises their popularity. Look at the photo of Ivanova in the gallery:

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