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Converted to Islam, gave birth in the United States. Pavel Mamaev's new wife: who is Nadezhda Sanko?



The Pavel Mamaev's personal life loks like the Latin American soap opera. In the spring, information appeared that the Rostov player went on a spree at the training camp of his club and was cheating on his wife Alana with a Spaniard. The story ended in divorce: now Pavel is dating a new girlfriend. The new scandal of the Mamaevs. Alana, in tears, spoke about Pavel's new girlfriend: “She was married to a Chechen, how is that possible?” 

Mamaev's new love is called Nadezhda Sanko. She runs her own YouTube channel. There, Nadezhda publishes “live conversations” with other famous girls (for example, with Evelina Bledans, Ekaterina Gordon, Alana Mamaeva herself). Sanko has already attracted almost a hundred thousand followers with this content.

There are not so many remarkable moments in the girl’s biography - she was born on May 12, 1985 in Anapa and graduated from the Russian State Social University, having moved to Moscow at about 22 years old. In 2014, the girl went into trade, opening her own showroom, but later Nadezhda said that she immediately understood that this was not what she wanted to do. Sanko also acted as a model for women's clothing and was engaged in the creation of the perfume "Number" and "Code N".

In Moscow, Nadezhda met a Chechen named Usman (that's all that is known about him) and married him, converting to Islam. One of the strangest episodes in Sanko's life is connected with this.

“I was a Christian, I was baptized at the age of two, but my family was unbelieving. But when I arrived in Moscow, I lost my faith in God. For two years I was an atheist, arguing with my Muslim friends. It is clear that if I had not communicated with a Muslim, a Chechen, I, of course, would not have come to this. With the adoption of Islam, I changed,” she said.

For a while, the girl posted photos on social networks only in headscarves, but later she refused this. And she specifically commented on her decision:

“I took off my headscarf, because I realized that this is my sin, I want to bear responsibility for it myself. This is how I feel. I sin, but this is my responsibility to the Almighty. I am a Muslim woman who can wear jeans, I gave myself freedom again. I kept the post,” she said.

Married to a Chechen husband, Nadezhda gave birth to a son, who was named Abdullah. Sanko gave birth in the United States so that her son would have dual citizenship.

Conflict between Sanko and Alana Mamaeva

The ex-wife of the football player immediately went on the attack - she accused Sanko of betrayal, because, according to her, they "were friends." In a difficult period of relations with Pavel, Alana even gave an interview to Sanko - she talked about family difficulties.

Alana not only turned to Sanko in stories. According to Nadezhda, Pavel's ex-wife called her, asked about their relationship with Mamaev and began to insult her. “At that moment, I was a little torn. Because no woman would talk to me like that. I earned my authority myself. Not at the expense of names, football husbands, some intrigues and scandals. This is a long life with experience and deeds. Alana herself in the programs repeatedly said that she knew me as a strong, intelligent, powerful and respected woman. At that moment, when I was respected by the powers that be, she worked for them. Does any upgrade tell you something? Where is the scale of my personality and where is the Alans? When she started talking nasty things, I also moved a little to her level. ” Sanko walked hard on Mamaev's former lover:

“She tags me in stories, I send her voice messages, which this bitch doesn’t even look at. She is so squishy that she understands that she cannot stand a constructive dialogue with me. I write to her already in text - she also does not read. She lies and slanders—and doesn't even read. And this scum says that I set up Pasha so that he does not pay the children. This is hate. I don't even have anything else to say. Throughout my relationship with Pasha, I fought for her, asked me to leave something for her and generally leave her alone. Pasha made it clear that they had their own conflict. Some events happened, after which Pasha changed his mind about giving up the apartment. Pasha's father died, and the man allowed himself terrible things.

Now Sanko freely uploads photos with Pavel to social networks. And answers numerous questions from followers. For example, such.

“Why didn’t Pasha stand up for me? Pasha already knew what I was, but even he was surprised how cool I am fundamentally.


“Someone really thinks that I can be hurt [insults on the Internet]. I live in real life, and there not a single "Letter" will pull out with me and will not even try. Including the main character of all staged Internet dramas. I am not at war with anyone. The only thing I understood is how many evil, dumb and unloved women are in Russia.


“I was called to all channels, they offered exclusives, fees, any options - if only I would give a comment. I have the same answer for everyone - I have nothing to explain to anyone. I don't need PR."


“Pavel cheated on Alana, will he be faithful to me? All people with different people are different, in different periods of life and under different circumstances. It seems that in the near future we will learn a lot more about Mamaev's personal life from these stories.

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