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Christina Asmus spoke about the fear of filming with Danila Kozlovsky


The actress had serious concerns.

Actress Kristina Asmus shared her impressions of participating in joint filming with her colleague Danila Kozlovsky, Petersburg Diary reports . According to the series of the star "Interns", before the start of the filming process, she had certain concerns about this.

For some reason, many people think that Danya is arrogant, that he has a star in his forehead, but this is not so. To be honest, I was worried before filming, because he is, without exaggeration, a star. It seemed to me that he would simply squeeze me on the set as an actor, but this did not happen. — Asmus spoke highly of Kozlovsky, calling him a great professional and a kind person, with whom it is comfortable to work not only with fellow actors, but also with members of the film crew, as well as representatives of the extras. 

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