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Cher spoke for the first time about her feelings after her daughter changed gender 10 years ago


In 2010, the eldest daughter of the popular singer Cher Chastity San Bono completed her transformation into a man.

At the moment, singer Cher has two sons: 51-year-old Chaz and 44-year-old Elijah. However, 12 years ago everything was completely different. The artist thought that she was raising her eldest daughter and youngest son. Cher's eldest daughter, Chastity, was born during her first marriage to Sonny Bono. The girl was the first-born and long-awaited child.

Star parents always took the little girl with them to the Red Carpet, showed the paparazzi and allowed her to give interviews. Critics and journalists predicted a bright future for the girl. She grew up and became famous throughout the world, but not thanks to her talent or her parents’ money, but because she publicly announced that she was changing gender.

Chastity, at the age of 13, realized that she was not at all like her peers. Something sets her apart from other girls, but what exactly? She began to dress herself, and there were no dresses in her wardrobe; San Bono began to look like a boy. At an adult age, the girl realized that there was great discomfort going on in her soul, so she decided to tell her parents about everything. Cher and Sonny were already divorced at that moment; after they heard their daughter’s confession, they refused to believe it. Later they reconciled themselves and began to support the child.


Twelve years ago the journey of becoming a man began. Over the course of two years, Chastity gradually turned into Chaz. Ten years ago, she officially became a man, even according to documents; her stage of formation as a person was finally over. Cher did not comment on what was happening around her child for a long time. Only now did she decide to tell her what she felt at that moment.

“We've been talking to Chaz for years and wondering if he's transgender? Initially, he said that he did not want to make a full transition, but later changed his mind. It was very difficult. I still remember all our messages, phone conversations... It was very difficult. But in the end, I didn’t lose my child. It just began to exist in a completely different form,” admits the artist.

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