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Brad Pitt decided to give up his personal life


Hollywood actor Brad Pitt, who recently broke up with Angelina Jolie, with whom they continue to have litigation regarding custody of children, has decided to give up his personal life and does not intend to marry anymore, UsWeekly reports, citing sources close to the star's entourage. 

Friends of the 57-year-old artist claim that he stopped considering dating and dating women as a priority because of the huge burden of responsibility that fell on him after the divorce proceedings with his ex-wife. It is reported that he went on several dates, but they did not lead to anything serious. In addition, Pitt continues to seek custody of their joint children with Jolie in court.

“Brad works hard and tries to be as positive as possible. The war with Angelina really took a toll on Brad. Fortunately, he has incredible willpower and a wonderful support group, ”the source told reporters.

Earlier it was reported that he lost in court to his ex-wife. The California Supreme Court denied his appeal regarding an ongoing child custody case.

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