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Boy turned girl: Dima Bilan's favorite blogger became a woman


21-year-old Maxim Matveev from the Tambov region a couple of years ago became famous for live broadcasts, where he performed in the form of a hysterical girl named Dasha Kareika. Among his fans was the famous singer Dima Bilan. He admired Maxim's talent and transferred him 10-20 thousand rubles as donations. And then he invited him to his mansion on Novorizhskoye Highway and gave the object of his pride to hold in his hands - the prize for winning the Eurovision Song Contest.


Following Bilan, employees of the local military registration and enlistment office drew attention to the extravagant Internet star. And last fall they sent him a summons to active military service.

“Guys, today I’m going home to my parents to go to the military registration and enlistment office at the place of residence,” Maxim complained to followers almost crying. - So you understand, I have a call very soon. What kind of nonsense? Why now? Why me? Don't you have other people who really want to join the army? I'm really scared.

Soon after that, Matveev, who previously felt great in a male body, suddenly announced his intention to change sex. He showed in social networks a referral for examination by a psychiatrist and an endocrinologist. 

“The operation cost Kareika 700 thousand rubles,” the portal told. - She was given a female breast, her Adam's apple was removed and her face was given feminine features. The recovery was difficult - the doctors hit the nerve, and the eyebrow turned up. The newly minted girl admitted on Instagram: “Guys, recently I realized that I did it in vain, and I regret it a little. But will you accept me like this?”

Maxim-Dasha later denied his doubts. Claimed that someone created a fake account under his name. And this spring, he proudly showed his followers a new women's passport. True, in the photo in negligee it was noticeable that he still had one male sexual characteristic. He decided to get rid of it just now.

“Dasha launched a broadcast from the ward before the start of the vaginoplasty operation,” the administrator of the VKontakte group dedicated to Kareika recently said. - We wish Dasha good luck! 

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