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Boris Akunin’s detective series on British TV: What Erast Fandorin is made of?

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Writer Boris Akunin said that the right to further adaptation of the book "The Adventures of Erast Fandorin" cycle sold to the British television channel. The first season will contain a story of three novels.

The action of the first detective about Fandorin ("Azazel") takes place in Moscow, London and St. Petersburg in 1876.

In the film adaptation of the novel "Azazel" (starting in the series) actor Ilya Noskov played the young detective Erast Fandorin, who unravels the first major deal. Erast is only 20 years old, he is a clerk in the police department, but his genius as a detective was noted when he confronted with the strange suicide of a student.

The last book of Akunin about Erast Petrovich came out recently. It's called "Planet of Water" and includes three novels by author classification is the "technocratic detective," "nostalgic detective" and "idiotic detective." Their action is stretched between 1903 and 1912.

Fandorin had a very cool life. Before him, none of the heroes in Russian literature could stand on a par with Sherlock Holmes. Erast Fandorin is so alive that it is difficult to imagine that at one time Akunin created it as Frankenstein – his Erast Fandorin is the collective image of the most remarkable heroes of Leo Tolstoy, David Lynch and Mikhail Bulgakov.

At the time of the Russian-Turkish war, Fandorin (played by Egor Beroev in the movie "The Turkish Gambit") had already lost his beloved wife and bravely faced the hardship of life.


If you add Byronic melancholy to nobility and honor "Prototype of Fandorin - 20% Pechorin 30% of Prince Myshkin 10% Prince Andrei Bolkonsky 15% Colonel Nai-Tours + 5% Agent Cooper + 8% own recipe, shake, allow to stand for the first three novels, and then treated as living person, from whom the author can expect everything”,- Akunin admitted in an interview.

Prince Andrew Bolkonsky

Silent, very serious, handsome, hero of "War and Peace", one of the many incarnations of Count Leo Tolstoy (who, more than any other writer in history, knew how the process of writing novels get all his characters at once - and Pierre and Natasha, and Helen and Andrew, and Anna, and Nekhludoff, and Karenin). As one British critic just pointed out, Prince Andrew - the type of person that all men want to see in the mirror (although they see Pierre de facto).

Prince Leo Myshkin

According to Akunin, no one has made to the creation of Fandorin's image more than Dostoevsky. And while Fandorin behaves less like a hero of "Idiot", fragile, nervous, almost sacred. But his DNA, of course, is in the Fandorin - he is responsible for morality, which for Erast Petrovich is the most important.

Grigory Pechorin

Byronic yearning "Hero of Our Time", the image of Eugene Onegin (this book Lermontov loved). At first glance, he does not have much in common with conscientious Fandorin, but you kind of can't get between the author’s opinion. Akunin did not send Fandorin to the Caucasus (except for the last novel, "Black City", which is set in Baku), but in general he is experiencing tremendous interest in the Caucasus: in particular, among his favorite books invariably calls "Hadji Murad", and the Caucasus is the setting of famous novel "a Hero of another time", written under the pseudonym Anatoly Brusnikin.

Felix Nai-Tours

The character of "White Guard" by Bulgakov, it seems the ideal of Russian officers, a kind of knight (in his name, you can read an English knight, if desired).

Agent Dale Cooper

The hero of "Twin Peaks", the greatest of the series of the 1990's: FBI agent arrived in a quiet town to investigate the murder of the girl Laura Palmer, and gradually drawn into the black hole, which turned out to be a city. (Incidentally, he is about to return -, a quarter century after the triumph his series are expected back for the continuation).

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