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Boomerang for betraying Bellucci? Is it true that Tina Kunakey cheated on Vincent Cassel, destroying the marriage?




In 2013, the whole world discussed the separation of the Black Swan star from Monica Bellucci, not believing that such a woman could be left. A few years later, Vincent Cassel surprised the public with an affair with the young Tina Kunakey, but as soon as we fell in love with this couple, they broke up. 

Is it true that Tina Kunakey cheated on Vincent Cassel, destroying the marriage? Vincent Cassel rightfully deserved the title of a heartthrob, because he not only conquered the most beautiful actresses and models, but also parted with them abruptly and unexpectedly. 

How did it happen that this love story reached the finale? For the second week, the public is exaggerating the parting of the actor with the model, but we remember how Vincent lost two so desirable and attractive life partners.

Persuaded Monica to get married


From 1990 to 1994, Bellucci was married to photographer Claudio Carlos Basso, after which she did not want to marry anymore. The Parisian was known as a ladies' man back in the 80s: Vincent changed women like gloves, not lingering with one passion for more than three months. The cycle continued until the actor met the sultry Italian Monica Bellucci on the set of the film "The Apartment" in 1996. At first, Cassel assured that he considered the sex symbol a frivolous and narrow-minded person, but later he nevertheless admitted: Monica conquered him, like the rest of the men in the world.

“When I saw Monica, I thought that she came out of the film of my beloved Fellini. I burst out: “It can’t be!” She was my first true love, ”Vincent confessed.


The union lasted about 18 years

The problem was that Bellucci was as freedom-loving as Cassel himself: from the very beginning of the affair, the actress set the condition not to violate other people's boundaries. Vincent mostly lived in Paris, Monica wandered between Italy, Great Britain and the USA, but on the red carpet and on the screen, the perfect couple united.

At some point, it was the actor who realized that it couldn’t go on like this anymore, and made an offer to the chosen one ... and more than one. For three whole years, Monica refused to marry, and changed her mind only after Vincent got into a serious accident. “I decided it was better to be a widow than a former mistress. In addition, the black color suits any woman more than anyone else, ”the film star ironically.

Could cheating freely?


Deva became a successful model, Leonie Cassel is now 12

In 1999, the lovers got married, and five years later their eldest daughter, Deva, was born, now a famous model who took the best from mom and dad. In 2010, the couple had baby Leonie Cassel, after which the relationship began to rapidly disintegrate. In 2013, the couple divorced, which shocked the public, because the actors were considered just an ideal family for 14 years. What went wrong? 

The main version was the betrayal of Cassel, who did not hide his weakness for beautiful women. On the other hand, Monica had a rather original opinion about adultery. “Like all Italians, I am jealous, but somehow I can do without the fidelity of the body. For me, love is the loyalty of the heart. Vincent is always there when I need him, I ask for nothing more. For me, this is the only way to love. Love lives only when there is respect for each other and freedom. Nobody belongs to us, neither our husbands nor our children. We can only share something with the people we love, ”said Bellucci.


Now there are rumors that Monica has an affair with Tim Burton or not, but those around her instantly recognized the divorced actress as a victim, and Cassel as a traitor who missed one of the main beauties of the world. Later, Monica noted that she herself made the decision to part ways. “But when you have to part with someone, it doesn’t mean that you don’t love him anymore. This means that you can no longer continue to be together, ”the star clarified. 

Well, when the actress was asked if the third part was to blame for the divorce, she nobly denied such a version. “The main thing is not to start blaming each other. No one is to blame for the fact that the marriage broke up. My husband and I moved forward - each in his own direction, each more and more interested in something of his own. Gradually it became clear that our paths diverged, that we are looking in different directions. I always say that it takes two to tango. The two of us gave birth to our love, the two of us breathed life into it for many years, the two of us decided to end it, ”the film star concluded.

Meeting in Ibiza


The Victoria's Secret evening was the first official recognition of the couple's romance.

It was rumored that after a divorce from Monica, Vincent went into all serious trouble and did not officially represent his girlfriends until November 2016: then, after the Victoria's Secret brand show, the actor spent the evening with 19-year-old Tina Kunakey. Well, a little earlier, in August, Kunakey herself posted the first general photo with the actor, which made a lot of noise.

No matter how much the haters would like to connect the young model with the breakup of Cassel and Bellucci, Tina and Vincent met only two years after the divorce - on the beach of Ibiza.

“It was a magical moment - we were in the same place at the same time. I can’t reveal all the details of our acquaintance, but I will say that we both love surfing, ”Kunakey shared.

Cassel's 20-year-old girl became close to him on vacation Firstly, a girl 30 years younger, according to the public, could not become a worthy partner and interlocutor of a mature man. Secondly, although Tina successfully conquered the podiums, the spiteful critics decided that she intended to advance at the expense of Cassel. And thirdly, comparisons with Monica Bellucci were inevitable. The stars were united by a passion for surfing

By the way, Tina and Monica really had something in common, in addition to love for Vincent - Italian roots.

“My father Robin was born in Morocco but originally from Togo. He grew up in France. My mother Nadia is from Sicily. They met in Toulouse and immediately fell in love with each other, ”said the model.

Kunakey grew up in a rural area, where there was no cinema or home television. As a child, Tina's interests were limited to school and football, so, in her own words, the model did not see a single film with the participation of Vincent before meeting him personally. “I didn’t hear anything about Vincent Cassel and didn’t know who he was until the paparazzi surrounded us,” the girl assured.

In 2017, there were rumors about the end of the couple's romance: the lovers unsubscribed from each other on social networks, and Tina was soon noticed in the company of rapper A $ AP Rocky in New York. However, Kunakey had known the musician for more than a year and starred in his videos, so there was nothing reprehensible in the meeting.

From marriage to divorce


The wedding of the model and the actor was quite modest 

At 52, Vincent became a dad again. Since 2013, Cassel has mainly lived in Rio de Janeiro, so he also celebrated the New Year 2018 there - with his chosen one. Detractors had to come to terms with the fact that the couple is fine. Moreover, Vincent soon wrote Tina such a declaration of love that many girls would envy.

“This life is a dance from beginning to end. I am happy, and only God understands my joy. I see everything I want in you, ”the actor said on social networks.

Confessions and romantic, and sometimes provocative, sexy photos were followed by the couple's wedding in August 2018. It soon became clear that the young wife was pregnant, and in April 2019, Tina gave birth to a charming daughter, Amazonie. A month and a half later, pictures from Vincent's walk with a baby in a pink sweater spread all over the world, and if before that someone doubted his marriage, now yesterday's haters were only touched and emphasized what a beautiful family the artist had. 

For the next couple of years, the media closely followed the couple's appearances, noting how motherhood and fatherhood adorned the spouses. All the more unexpected this spring was the news of the breakup between the actor and the model: Vincent deleted all photos with Tina from social networks and did not come to her birthday on April 5th.

“They broke up a few weeks ago. Tina is heartbroken," a source close to the couple said.


The press has been talking about Tina's betrayal since February

At the celebration of the 26th anniversary, the model had fun from the heart, not showing that she was depressed. However, at the celebration of her birthday, Kunakey did not look depressed at all: the fashion model was having fun with her friends - designer Amina Muaddi, fashion designer Simon Port Jacquemus, makeup artist James Harold. Another thing is also important - if at the first divorce the blame was placed on Vincent, who allegedly cheated on Monica recklessly, then this time the responsibility fell on Tina.

The fact is that in February, the model was seen on the beach in Rio de Janeiro with a young man, but some sources claimed that Tina cheated on Vincent last year. Cassel tried to turn a blind eye to the betrayal, but it seems that it turned out to be difficult. Now they say that in revenge for his wife, the actor had an affair with a girl even younger than her ... 

There have been no official reports of a divorce yet, but given that recently Tina has been published alone, and her photos have not returned to Cassel's account, there is no question of reconciliation. Some fans concluded that in this way a boomerang flew to Vincent for past betrayals of Monica Bellucci, while others concluded that the couple simply did not overcome the five-year relationship crisis. Should we wait for the appearance on the horizon of the third, even younger wife of the actor? Time will show.


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