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Belarusian model Sasha Kichigina: interview


A successful model talked about how she got to work with Dolce and Gabbana, what are ideal female model measurements, and why models cry. The filming of the Dolce & Gabbana advertisement took place on the streets of Naples. Photo: Franco Paghetti. Advertising for the Dolce & Gabbana fall-winter 2016-2017 collection looks unusual: glamorous models in bright dresses, suits and coats walk the city streets and take pictures with ordinary passers-by, dressed in jeans and jackets. No forced poses - everyone is having fun and dancing! One of the professional models who took part in this photo shoot is 17-year-old Sasha Kichigina from Vitebsk.

The successful model told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" about how she got to work with Dolce and Gabbana, whether they are now taking to the podium with parameters 90-60-90, and why the models cry.

"I sent homework to teachers by e-mail"

- Sasha, how did you get into the modeling business?

- I have always been tall and thin, and at the age of 13, my mother and I decided that I should go to the Sergei Nagorny Fashion Studio catwalk school. They noticed me there, and six months later I signed a contract with the agency, and at the age of 15 I went for an internship in Tokyo.

- But what about the school?

- I've always been an excellent student. In addition, she sang, danced, participated in all kinds of school concerts, so the relationship with the director was good, and everyone understood that her studies would not suffer. Every week in Japan, I did and send homework to the teachers by email. While I was in school, I left for a maximum of two months a year.

- Did your parents immediately agree to let you go?

- Of course, there were fears. But my parents have always supported me. My mother went to Tokyo with me for the first two weeks, and I understand that without her support on the first trip, I would never have coped. Working in Asia is difficult. A different country, a different mentality ... Elementary everyday problems that were difficult for a 15-year-old child to solve.

- What was the most difficult thing?

- As soon as I arrived, after 24 hours of flights and waiting at the airports, I was immediately sent to auditions, without even giving me a shower. No one wastes time. It so happens that you work from 6 in the morning until 5 in the evening, then at 5 in the evening the driver picks you up, and you go to the auditions until 11 in the evening. And so for two months ... Of course, you get tired of living at such a frantic pace. Some girls cry, want to leave, take their tickets back ... But it seemed to me a huge adventure. A new country, new people, a culture that is so interesting to study ... By the way, at the age of 15 I arrived in Tokyo with excellent knowledge of English, and it seems that I knew the language better than most Japanese ... We lived a five-minute walk from the river, which the sides are seated with sakura. For two weeks the whole city is in pink and white! This is probably the most beautiful thing I have seen in my life.


Sasha works in New York and plans to study in America. Photo: Sergei Nagorny Fashion Studio.

- Did you get more work after school?

- Yes, the real work has begun. I came to New York. Fashion Week is the most difficult period of the year. Lasts a month and a half. There are a lot of designers, all of them need to be in time for auditions. There are 15 castings a day, in different places of the city. Mostly you travel by metro because it is faster that way. If the girl is underage, agents can ride with her. Then shows, fittings, shows begin - I had days when I did not even have time to eat. For breakfast I could eat half an apple, then forget about food for the whole day and remember it at ten in the evening on the way home.

- So the stomach can be ruined ...

- There is usually always food at shows, but this is fast food. It is difficult to work in such a rhythm, but when you see world designers, it is very inspiring! Working on the show Valentino, Celine, Marcheza is such a miracle, in comparison with which all the inconveniences seem like a trifle.

- How was it working with Dolce and Gabbana?

- When I was told that I would work with them, I didn’t just jump to the ceiling with happiness, I punched him with my head! (laughs). It was my childhood dream! The shooting was in Naples, right on the street. All that was required of us was to be ourselves, dance and have fun. I had to approach people, talk to them, take pictures. All the people in the background are just random passers-by. It was so alive, for real! Interestingly, it was not a fashion photographer who was shooting, but documentary filmmaker Franco Paghetti, who traveled to film the war in Iraq as a reporter. Dolce and Gabbana were on the set and took an active part in everything that happened: they straightened their clothes, helped, danced with us and were happy. They are very friendly and cheerful people. I have always admired their freedom and soul wide open. Look at Stefano's instagram, and you yourself will understand everything.




Sasha has already worked with many world fashion designers. Photo: Sergei Nagorny Fashion Studio.

Anorexic girls are not accepted as models

- After school, you decided that there was no point in going to university? - I entered YSU in Vilnius, but six months later I did not come for the exams because of the Fashion Week. I did not want to receive a correspondence education in Belarus, realizing that I did not need a diploma for show. Now I earn my education in America, although it is much more expensive than in Belarus and Lithuania. So far there are plans for art management and gallery business.

- Sasha, what are your parameters?

- Height 179 cm, hips - 88, waist - 62, chest - 81.

- Does anyone pay attention to the numbers 90-60-90 now?

- Nobody measures the chest and waist, the main parameters are the hips. Probably perfect - 88. But girls with hips 92 can participate in the show. There are celebrities who advertise the brand with their participation in the show - and they can be not model parameters. And models should be thin, because clothes look best on such figures. But anorexic girls are not accepted as models. My agents, once hearing a joke from me on the topic of anorexia, said without a second thought, said: "Never joke like that again, this is a very serious problem." I have never been forced to lose weight in the wrong ways. If they wanted to see me in better shape, they hired a personal trainer, gave me a gym membership and helped me with proper nutrition. Sports and health are popular now.

- Why do you think some become successful models, while others do not?

- Probably, this is a kind of lottery. This is a very subjective business based on the opinions of casting directors. It happens that a girl may not be liked for many seasons until some influential designer sees her. He will put her to open his show, and immediately all the casting directors can change their minds, they will say: "Oh my God, you opened up!" (laughs). The personality of the girl is important. There are a lot of beautiful models. And often of the two, they choose the one with which it will be more interesting and easier to work, which can make a joke.


How to become a successful model?

Five tips from the director of the Fashion Studio Sergey Nagorny:

1. Learn English at school.

2. Take care of your figure, take care of your skin, do not dye your hair or do short haircuts, do not apply tattoos or do piercings.

3. Master the art of fashion shows and the skills of posing in a photo studio at the catwalk school.

4. Make yourself a good portfolio - find some photographers, do tests.

5. Find a reputable well-known model agency that has a lot of trust and will professionally build your career. And, of course, like Sasha Kichigina, you must have a desire to become the best in your field. 

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