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Asian roses: the most beautiful actresses in Korea


The popularity of Korean dramas around the world is gaining momentum, and Korean films ("Train to Busan", "Parasite") have become known even to people who are not into cinema. Among the advantages, fans of the Korean film industry name unhackneyed plots, minimizing clichés, as well as the absence of vulgarity on the screen. However, there is at least one more reason why many people love Korean movies and series. And this is the unusual beauty of Korean women.

Of course, the appearance of many actresses has undergone changes due to plastic surgery, which is very popular in Korea. And yet, for many fans, it’s still more pleasant to look not at the “identical blondes from Hollywood” and not at the standard Jolie-like faces, but at natural-looking actresses from Korea.

So, less words, more action. Opening the collection:

im yoon-ah


 I first saw her in the crime thriller K2. In addition, the girl starred in such series as "The Love of the King", "The Prime Minister and I", "Because this is the first time" and "Big Mouse".


Shot from the series "K2" Shot from the series "K2"

The girl admits that she likes to snack at night, but so far this does not affect her figure. In addition, she is a successful singer whose voice can be heard in Girl's Generation.

Han Ji-Min


Han Ji-Min is an ardent soccer fan. She is also the star of films such as Year-End Medley, Her Story, and Keys to the Heart. In addition, she plays in the series "The Light in Your Eyes", "The Familiar Wife", "The Embodiment of Jealousy".

Kim Hee-sun


Kim Hee-sun is an international star. She managed to work with Jackie Chan in China, and now she is enjoying the fruits of fame, paying more attention to her family: her husband and daughter. In her piggy bank such works as "Dinosaur Teacher", "Men in the Bathtub" and "The Man Who Went to Mars".



IU (real name - Lee Ji Eun) was born into a poor family and tried her best to get upstairs. Now she is one of the most famous stars in Korea: a singer, actress and songwriter. The series in which she starred: "Hotel del Luna", "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart of Kore", "You are the best."


How do you feel about Korean beauty? What other actresses would you add to the list, in your opinion?


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