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Anna Sedokova spoke about the importance of an official marriage



After Anna Sedokova officially married basketball player Janis Timma this fall, the singer read more than one comment on her social media pages that the couple could live happily together without marriage registration. However, the celebrity absolutely disagrees with this position.

“It seems to me that this is the sacrament of the union and the words that are spoken in the registry office, they are really important. An official marriage is the foundation for any family! And this is especially important for a woman, ”Anna said in a live broadcast of the Tema program. The star is very surprised by an unpleasant fact - the words that marriage is not important are increasingly beginning to sound from women. According to the singer, a man can persuade a woman that he considers her his official wife without having a stamp in his passport, but the registration of a marriage radically changes the situation.


Anna notes that after the wedding, she began to value even more what Janis did for herself, for their relationship, as well as for the singer's children. “For me it is so valuable that I adore him and am grateful to him every second. I love him madly and value him! ”, Anna confessed in an interview.


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