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Anna Sedokova showed how her figure changed after giving up alcohol



The singer is on a diet.

The ex-soloist of "VIA Gra" Anna Sedokova continues to lose weight and share the details of a new life - without alcohol and junk food. On the network, Anna edited the video and showed footage of herself before and after the austerity. The changes are truly fantastic. In five weeks, the singer not only lost almost ten kilograms, but also changed her way of thinking.

Now, Anna admitted in her telegram channel, the most delicious spaghetti in the world brings her less pleasure than an arrow on the scales in the morning. “I learned to use dopamine and anticipation for my own purposes, and morning serotonin gives me enough to cover my needs,” said the star. Sedokova emphasized that neither an extreme diet nor wear-and-tear workouts are behind her transformation. “When they ask me how I lost weight, I say that it’s all about pleasure,” Anna noted.

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