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Anna Sedokova admitted that she got liposuction after giving birth


37-year-old Anna Sedokova is trying to be extremely honest with her fans. She recently talked about weight, self-care and nutrition, and yesterday admitted that she was an ugly duckling at school.

Анна Седокова

According to the performer, she looked at beautiful girls and wanted to become the same. "I untied my endless pigtails, kissed tomatoes and kept waiting for my prince. When will he come, but rather come to Mercedes-Benz and save me. He never arrived. It was necessary to do something. And I began to study" (hereinafter the author’s spelling and punctuation are preserved. - Ed.), - the artist wrote in the microblog.

Anna Sedokova with her son Hector

Anna Sedokova with her son Hector

Janis Timma and Anna Sedokova

Janis Timma and Anna Sedokova

"Life hit me hard enough. But I didn’t give up. At the first casting in VIA Grф, they talked to me for two minutes and turned back. What do you girl know about femininity, I heard next. And I tried to find out everything about ше, ”Anna recalled.

After the birth of the first child, the daughter Alina from the Ukrainian football player Valentin Belkevich, 21-year-old Sedokova immediately decided to get liposuction. The singer thought that overweight and self-doubt will go away. 

"They told me that I am fat. That I'm not feminine and fat. Fat soon returned, uncertainty did not go anywhere. Only now I thought that even if that didn’t help, then I’m a leper. I have not blamed anyone. Only myself. But still continued to dream", the star added.

As the performer noted, it took her years to feel beautiful, sexy, desirable and self-confident.

"I chose a worthy man, and he chose me among thousands of girls, ”Sedokova wrote.

Since last August, the singer has been dating 27-year-old basketball player Janis Timma. It seems that the couple is fine: the stars spend together all their free time, go to presentations and travel.

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