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Anna Kournikova showed how she speaks Russian with her youngest daughter Masha, and it's incredibly cute


The baby has recently turned a year, and she has grown a lot since the last time we saw her.

On January 30, the youngest daughter of Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova Masha turned one year old. In honor of the baby's birthday, Anna posted a photo of her grown daughter, as well as a touching video in which she speaks to Masha in Russian.



In an interview, Iglesias said that Anna chose the Russian name for her youngest daughter: “I really like it. Anna helps me learn Russian, and I can already explain myself a little. At home we speak a mixture of three languages: Spanish, Russian and English. I hope that our children will be fluent in all three languages ​​and have the opportunity to experience different cultures. "

Anna and Enrique also have older children, twins Lucy and Nicholas, who recently turned three. Anna kept both pregnancies in the strictest confidence: that the couple would have an addition after the birth of their children.




45-year-old Enrique Iglesias and 39-year-old Anna Kournikova have been together for 18 years. The couple lives in Miami and are in no hurry to get married. But in a recent interview, the singer is ready to marry his beloved. “Anna and I have been together for so many years that it feels almost like a marriage,” Iglesias said. "We may get married in the near future." Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias

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