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Anna Khilkevich: Little known facts about the actress


Today actress Anna Khilkevich celebrates her 33rd birthday! In honor of this beautiful date, we decided to recall the most unusual facts about the artist. Let's get to know together the unique stories from Anna's life - interesting and vivid, like the actress herself.

1. Now Anna Khilkevich is a successful owner of her own beauty salon. And the actress made her first "test" in business at school. During the Maslenitsa celebrations at recess, Anna sold pancakes, which she herself baked at home the day before. The young businesswoman even sold pancake fillings for a fee.

2. Much later, having decided to open her own salon, Anna decided to penetrate into all the intricacies of the beauty business and went to get a new profession. Which one? 5th grade hairdresser! 


3. Khilkevich went to school very early, at the age of 5. Therefore, the girl was always the smallest in the class, and during physical education she always stood at the end of the row.

4. Like many teenagers, Anna learned to kiss ... on tomatoes! And on the mirror. As Khilkevich laughs now, she still loves tomatoes, but she prefers to just eat them.

5. The strict mother of the future star forbade her to boldly dress for school. Therefore, the impudent Khilkevich ran into the next entrance and changed into a mini-skirt and high-heeled shoes. 


6. It turns out that as a child, Anna was "lunatic." The girl wandered around the apartment without waking up, and for some reason always came to the place where the chocolate was hidden (but these were not bouts of nighttime gluttony!). The actress's brother also suffered from sleepwalking.

7. From the age of 5, Khilkevich knows how to cry "on request."

8. Anna is an ardent fan of cars. The artist dreamed of driving a car since childhood, so she graduated from a driving school very early, at the age of 16. And at the age of 18 she already had her own car. For 15 years of experience, Khilkevich has changed more than 15 cars!

9. The future celebrity went to school with a theatrical bias. Since childhood, Anna wanted to become an actress, so such a school was a very useful lesson for her before entering the Schepkinsky school.

10. Khilkevich and her husband, businessman Artur Volkov, met in very unusual circumstances. Anna was driving with her friends to Gorky Park, where a huge queue of cars lined up. The cunning actress decided not to wait and try to "slip through". Arthur, who stood in line for 20 minutes and could not get into the park, was really angry with the girls. As a result, neither Volkov nor Khilkevich got into the park - the queue was too long. But since then, the lovers have been inseparable!


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