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Anna Abramovich: "I'm still too young to get married!"


The oligarch's daughter told why she broke off the engagement, why she loves cheap shops and why she wears her mother's clothes

This summer for Anna Abramovich turned out to be extremely stormy: the 19-year-old daughter of the oligarch broke up with her fiancé, 29-year-old lawyer Nikolai Lazarev, moved from him to her mother’s house and is now renovating one of the family mansions. In a cozy £4 million cottage in the prestigious Belgravia district of London, Anya is about to start an independent life. Abramovich's daughter is a secular girl (although she does not consider herself one), who is often invited to parties and premieres. And although the eldest of the offspring of the oligarch can afford the most luxurious and expensive outfits from eminent designers, her appearance does not at all give the impression of a glamorous fashionista obsessed with the latest collections. Unlike his "stepmother" Daria Zhukova, Always dressed to the nines and buying clothes exclusively in expensive boutiques, Anna Abramovich does not disdain democratic stores, where most European students dress. The billionaire heiress told the British edition of Grazia magazine about her love for cheap clothes.

- My God, I will never stop loving Topshop, - Anna Abramovich assures, - I also love H&M, All Saints, and this skirt that I am wearing now is Pinko.

One can only guess what Abramovich's daughter looks like, looking for a blouse or dress on sale in an inexpensive store - after all, four hefty bodyguards follow her everywhere. Although there are still certain advantages in this: in which case the bodyguards will push back the competitors with their broad shoulders, pulling their hands to the same blouses.


According to Anna Abramovich, she does not need to buy novelties from haute couture houses - her mother Irina Abramovich's luxurious wardrobe is at her service.

Photo: Daily Mail

However, Anna still has some manners of a princess: she likes to buy jewelry. True, he indulges himself with them only from time to time.

- I love the jewelry department of the department store "Selfridges" ( one of the largest London shopping centers, famous for its luxury goods - Approx. Aut .), - admits the heiress.

As Anya assures, there is absolutely no need for her to spend huge sums on designer outfits - after all, her mother's luxurious wardrobe is at her service. Since the girl left her fiancé and settled in the house of Irina Abramovich, the doors of the wardrobe of the ex-wife of the oligarch are always open for her beloved daughter.

- She has so many dresses that she does not even remember what outfits she has: Dior, Ralph Lauren, - Anna admires her mother's wardrobe, - And shoes! My God, all those Jimmy Choos shoes - they just sit there and go to waste!

It is easy to believe that the size of Irina Abramovich's dressing room is really impressive: during the divorce, the ex-wife of Roman Arkadyevich received 155 million British pounds. And now he can easily afford to spend them "on pins" from Dior and Chanel. So 19-year-old Anna, like many teenagers, is happy to borrow her mother's things for parties and other social events.


After Anna broke off her engagement to her fiancé Nikolai Lazarev, she is constantly seen in the company of various young people. Photo:

Anna's friends claim that, unlike many rich heirs - the same Paris Hilton, for example - Abramovich's daughter tries not to shine in public and does not like to attract attention to herself. "She's the anti-Paris Hilton," one of Anna's pals told Grazia magazine. By the way, about friends: since the heiress of the oligarch broke off the engagement, she has been seen more than once in nightclubs with one or another young man. True, they say that they are all just friends. Anna herself speaks briefly about the reasons for her separation from her fiancé Nikolai Lazarev:

- I was too young to get married.

Instead of building a family nest, the future billionaire is going to sit on the student bench this year. The Abramovich heiress is going to the University of Westminster, where she will receive a bachelor's degree in business management and law. In the meantime, classes have not yet begun, Anna flew to the party Ibiza, known for its wild parties.


True, according to the environment of the rich heiress, they are all just friends. Photo: All Over Press.


Although Anna assures that she loves to shake up the assortment of democratic stores and delve into her mother's expensive outfits, the clothes that the billionaire heiress chooses for herself are, to put it mildly, not impressive. Anna clearly prefers things in black and styles that often do not suit her. The love for dark clothes can be explained either by the desire to appear slimmer, or by the desire not to attract special attention to oneself.

The same can be said about the hairstyle of the future billionaire: after parting with her fiancé, Anna dyed her hair from a perhydrol blonde to a brown-haired woman, but the new color does not really suit her: it emphasizes the girl’s pale skin tone. Obviously, Anya could use the advice of a good stylist - especially since she has plenty of funds to follow any prescriptions of fashion gurus.


Anna Abramovich with ex-fiance Nikolai Lazarev. Having gathered for a date with her boyfriend, for some reason the girl dressed up in a "grandmother's" vest. Photo:


after parting with her fiancé, Anna changed her hair color: she dyed her hair from a blonde to a brown-haired woman. Photo: All Over Press.


True, the new shade does not suit her too much: the dark hair color emphasizes the pallor of the skin. Photo: Anna clearly prefers black clothes. Photo: All Over Press. The desire to dress in all dark is explained by the desire to appear slimmer ... Photo: All Over Press.


...or a desire not to draw attention to yourself. Photo: All Over Press.


And again, the incomprehensible "grandmother's" cardigan ... Photo: All Over Press.


...which, moreover, is very full - despite the black color. Photo: All Over Press.


Anna Abramovich at a party at the end of July. A sundress with a fashionable floral print and a light openwork blouse: already better! Photo: All Over Press.

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