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Ani Lorak left her ex-husband and deprived him of part of the business


Almost two years have passed since the breakup of Ani Lorak with her ex-husband, Turkish businessman Murat Nalchadzhioglu. It is known that the singer met her future husband in one of the hotels in Turkey in 2005. Their romantic relationship developed rapidly. In 2006, the entrepreneur moved to Kiev, and in 2009 the couple got married. Two years later, the couple had a daughter named Sofia, whose godparents were Philip Kirkorov and Verkhovna Rada deputy Irina Berezhnaya.

Nevertheless, in 2018, the family idyll came to an end. In early August, rumors about the infidelity of Ani Lorak's husband  spread on social networks. So, at the disposal of journalists was a video in which Murat Nalchadzhioglu is having fun in a fashionable Kiev club with a spectacular brunette. In the frame, it was noticeable that young people are united by something more than friendly relations. After the incident with the video, the businessman gave the only comment: he wrote on social networks that "you should not evaluate my actions from your point of view." However, later, the identity of Lorak's husband's secret mistress became declassified. She turned out to be the model Yana Belyaeva.

Ani Lorak and Murat Nalchadzhioglu

Note that Ani Lorak, in turn, did not comment on the situation with the adventures of her unfaithful spouse. Ani filed for divorce in October last year. The singer admitted that the dissolution of the union was not easy for her. “The divorce was painful. I don’t believe it when someone says that it’s pleasant and easy. Any divorce is a tragedy, it hurts, it is sad, it is disappointing. I am an optimist, until the very last moment I tried to steer and convinced myself that everything would be fine, everything would be fine. After all, many families live like this. At some point there were fluctuations. After all, we lived with my ex-husband for 14 years. This is a lot, a whole life. There were real feelings. Surely, when I made the decision to link my life with this person, I did not think that I would ever find myself in such a situation, ”the star shared.

Ani Lorak and Murat Nalchadzhioglu with their daughter

Despite the fact that Ani Lorak and Murat Nalchadzhioglu divorced last year, as it turned out, they continued to cooperate as partners in business. The ex-husband of the singer until recently owned half of the company "Ani Lorak Production", through which all the income of the star for tours and concerts passed. However, today it became known that Ani Lorak registered the status of an individual entrepreneur and registered the entire company in her own name, thereby removing her ex-husband from the business, the EG newspaper reports.

Ani Lorak

As for the next marriage, Ani Lorak said in one interview that she was not eager to appear again at the altar as a bride. “I confess that I no longer believe in marriage. I do not believe that this gives anything. Outside of marriage, we value each other, love is in the air: "I can't offend, because, God forbid, I'll lose you." There is a constant desire to somehow surprise, please, conquer a person. And when everything is clear, everything is official, you are already think like this: well, so what?".

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