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Anastasia Reshetova could not protect her son from publicity


Timati teaches the child to lead starry life

Anastasia Reshetova is raising her two-year-old son Ratmir. With his father, rapper Timati , she broke up in 2020. According to the model, she tried to protect her son from the influence of parental popularity, but the singer ignored her desire and continues to show her son to fans. Timati is gradually introducing the child to the advertising business: the boy has already starred in a couple of commercials.

“I can't influence it. At the moment, I decided not to post Ratmir at all. But then I realized that it was pointless ... And I gave up and relaxed, ”The Voice magazine quotes Anastasia.

Earlier, Reshetova admitted that she changed her lifestyle for the sake of the child. Now she travels with Ratmir, showing him the wonders of the world.


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