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Alsou's Husband has an affair with Victoria Lopyreva


Alsou and Yan Abramov/Instagram

The Telegram channel "Antiglyanets", citing its own sources, reported that the husband of the singer Alsou, 45-year-old businessman Yan Abramov, had an affair with Victoria Lopyreva.

“While everyone thought that similar photos of Alsou and Nastya Reshetova were not an accident, Yan Abramov became interested in the blond legend of Dubai. It starts with “V”, ends with Lopyreva,” they wrote in the telegram channel.

In recent years, the media have often reported problems in the Alsou family. For example, this summer, the singer's followers noticed that in the photos of the singer, an unknown man hugs her. Some fans conducted their own investigation and found out that it was the singer's husband Yan Abramov, while others suggested that Alsou's brother was in the photo. Others have pointed out that she does not wear a wedding ring. Telegram channels also discussed Abramov's changed appearance, which also sparked cheating rumors. 


Yan Abramov and Alsou with their daughters / Instagram 

Some time ago, there were rumors that Abramov, who is the son of a banker and president of the Moscow Basketball Association Rafael Abramov, had an affair with Timati's former lover Anastasia Reshetova: a witness even told reporters that he had seen them together. Users also note the resemblance of Anastasia and Alsou. Reshetova denied these rumors. Alsou herself has also said more than once that she prefers to keep her personal life a secret.

40-year-old Victoria Lopyreva is now married to businessman Igor Bulatov, but there have been breakup rumors in the media for several years now. According to the media, Lopyreva herself, who mostly lives abroad, indirectly confirmed the gap. The couple have a common son, Mark Lionel. The couple's relationship began with a scandal: Victoria was filmed on vacation with a businessman who at that time was married to Lopyreva's friend Tatevik Karapetyan.


Victoria Lopyreva/Instagram

40-year-old Alsou has recently been trying to devote more time to family life than to her musical career, which the singer's fans also blame her husband for. Alsou and Yana Abramov, who have been married for 17 years, have three children: Mikella, Safina and Rafael. The eldest daughter followed in the footsteps of her mother and is making a musical career. A few years ago, the girl was at the center of a scandal: Alsou was accused of "buying" voices for her daughter Mikella in the children's song contest "Voice".

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