In October, 29-year-old Alex Sparrow presented comedic music video for the song " I love you", which was a continuation of the video " Crazy." In his new work - the video for the song " I promise" - Alex sang a duet with Nastya Kudri.

The director of the video was the singer himself. Already by tradition Alex made video in the style of " the little movie." During filming, Alex Sparrow and Kudri were in different countries: Alex was in Los Angeles, and his girlfriend - in Moscow. In the frame the artists don't intersect.

The idea of the video is that people often break up, when still love each other. They start new relationship, but they have got to remember the love they felt.

Nastya admitted, that immediately fell in love with the script: "It's very emotional and touching story. I like when the video reflects the song's meaning and you're starring not just in the clip, but in the short film".

"It was the first time I made the video, the heroine of which was thousands of kilometers away from me. But it happened thanks to the excellent, professional team, Nastya and my friend, a wonderful operator Denis Panov, with whom we made a lot of music videos"- shared Alex.