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Aleksey Serebryakov said that he moved from Canada back to Russia



The actor emigrated with his family abroad several years ago, but now he decided to return to his homeland.

Alexei Serebryakov, 56, has decided to return to Russia from Canada, where he has lived for the past nine years. During one of the capital's film premieres, the actor told reporters that he was simply “misunderstood” and did not move abroad. The actor stated that he simply "took the children out to teach." It is known that the children of a celebrity are studying at a prestigious school in Toronto, and the eldest son has already entered the local university. The Leviathan star did not elaborate on why he decided to move back and what did not suit him abroad. Serebryakov, as reported by the edition , only replied that it was absurd to compare which country is better to live in.


Alexey Serebryakov, still from the movie "Leviathan"

Recall that Alexei Serebryakov moved with his family to Canada in 2012. Alexey with his wife and three children settled in a townhouse in Toronto. This choice of country is not accidental, the actor's wife has Canadian citizenship. In an interview with the media, Serebryakov said that they emigrated because living in Canada is cheaper. The actor also explained that the family made such a decision, including because of the children. Serebryakov wanted his children to "broaden their horizons" and "grow up and be brought up in a fundamentally different everyday ideology."


Alexey Serebryakov

It is known that for many years of living in Canada, the star of the film "Cargo 200" never received local citizenship. After moving abroad, the actor repeatedly faced criticism from his compatriots: the actor left for permanent residence in Canada, criticized the "unfavorable social situation in Russia", but continued to cooperate with Russian directors and receive royalties. Not only this caused bewilderment among the Russians, but also the sharp statements of the actor in 2018. Then Alexei Serebryakov gave a scandalous interview to Yuri Dudyu, in which he criticized the Russian mentality and said that the national idea of ​​the homeland consists of three components - strength, arrogance and rudeness. “I made my choice deliberately. First of all, I want my family to live in peace. So that my children know: you don't have to push your elbows to live. I'm pretty tired of rudeness and rudeness. All over the world it is normal to live where you feel better, ”Serebryakov said in an interview.

Such statements by Alexey caused a number of comments from Russian artists. For example, Andrei Konchalovsky , said that not only rudeness, but also kindness is inherent in Russian people, and "Alyosha lacks this in Canada." Karen Shakhnazarov did not stand aside either.The director did not understand why the actor, who moved to Canada, but constantly works in Russia and "earns a lot of money," makes such statements. “I have not heard that the actor Serebryakov was in demand anywhere in Canada, the USA or other countries,” Shakhnazarov was indignant. After Serebryakov's statements caused such a reaction in society, the actor decided to comment. In an interview with reporters, he said that he would not give up his words, and if he decides to “finish something”, he will definitely turn to journalist Yuri Dud.


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