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Aglaya Tarasova celebrated her birthday with Miloš Biković

Miloš Biković and Aglaya Tarasova

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Actress Aglaya Tarasova shared on Instagram a series of photos from a recent party, which she arranged in one of the restaurant bars in the center of Moscow on the occasion of her birthday. A friendly party in honor of the 23 anniversary of Aglaya attended by a Serbian actor and "The most stylish man" according to HELLO! Miloš Biković .

According to rumors, Miloš is romantically linked with Aglaya, though the actors themselves did not confirm this fact. Among of the guests at the birthday party were spotted Katerina Spitsa, Anna Tsukanova-Kott, Svetlana Ustinova and Ilya Stewart, Alexander Petrov and Irina Staryshenbaum, Arthur Smolyaninov and Daria Melnikova, Natalia Medvedeva and others.

Irina Staryshenbaum and Aglaya Tarsova

Miloš Biković at the birthday of Aglaya Tarasova

Miloš Biković at the birthday of Aglaya Tarasova

Miloš Biković

I start with delay to share pictures from my holiday! Friends, thank you all very much for what I have you! I'm absolutely happy! - wrote Aglaya on Instagram.Miloš Biković also shared a picture from the birthday party of Aglaya.

Aglaya Tarasova and Miloš Biković at the Birthday party of Aglaya Tarasova

Recall, earlier the daughter of the actress Ksenia Rappoport Aglaya Tarasova dated the star of the show "Bachelor" Ilya Glinnikov for about two years.  In 2016, Aglaya and Ilia broke up - according to rumors, the reason for this could be her started relationship with Miloš, with whom she starred in the movie "Ice".

Recall that in the spring of this year, the Serbian actor Miloš Biković broke up with 24-year-old Russian supermodel Sasha Luss after several months of relationship. It is known that they met on the set of the joint project. The reason for separation was the new affair of the girl.

For the first time Aglaya and Miloš came out together at the 12th ceremony of the "Most Stylish in Russia" award.

"We did not refuse to pose on the red carpet, but, as before, we do not discuss our personal life", - Said Aglaya.

Miloš Biković  and Aglaya Tarasova



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