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A victim of plastic surgery? Photos of Julia Volkova are discussed on the web


Julia Volkova has repeatedly resorted to the help of plastic surgeons. Devoted fans of the former tATu soloist remember that in the past she was a teenage girl with delicate features, but now she is a real pop diva with a lush bust and full lips. Also, doctors helped her cope with a terrible illness. Specialists were able to prevent the disease, but during the operation the surgeons touched the ligaments, and the girl lost her voice. But last fall, Volkova still returned to the stage to her audience. Apparently, the star wanted to amaze the audience not only with her vocals, but also with her beauty, so she again decided to radically interfere with her appearance.

The singer posted a photo without Photoshop, which amazed her fans. The stitches from the plastic surgery are visible in the frame - apparently, Julia decided on a facelift called "fox eyes". Its essence lies in the fact that the eyebrows are pulled up with special threads, due to which the look becomes inviting and languid. But Volkova's fans felt that the star did not need such adjustments in appearance. “And why so much plastics?”, “Julia, we love you without plastic surgery!”, “Here it is, the power of Photoshop,” the upset followers wrote to the singer.


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