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A new video of Leningrad band scored more than a million views on Youtube

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The video for the song "Boob" appeared on the official channel of "Leningrad" band on social networks.

Not surprisingly, the video is rapidly gaining views. During the night it was seen by more than fifty thousand people. And now, this figure is growing rapidly.

In the story, the main character finds her lover in bed with a large-breasted beauty. After that, the thought of her own small bust became her obsession. For five and a half minutes she suffers, chasing a traitor and his passion with scissors, quietly hates all girls with curves, radically changes herself and ends up in bed with a handsome stranger.

- I have small breasts - she confesses, hiding under the blanket in shame.

- Well .... if you want, we will enhance your size - says guy”.

Star of the “Exibit” video, actress Julia Topolnitskaya played an episodic role of a pregnant woman, who is drinking champagne and smoking.

Also in the video starred actress Marina Domozhirova, who is similar to actress Reese Witherspoon.

Oh, and even President Vladimir Putin of Russia appears in the video. Not personally, of course.

"If we wait for miracles from the goldfish, we may find ourselves with nothing like an old woman in a fairy tale by Pushkin," - he says from the screen. - Thank you, Vladimir Vladimirovich, - said character and began to work on herself. The message, in general, is clear.

New clip of "Leningrad" "Boobs" has clocked up more than a million views for 10 hours on YouTube. Recall that the two previous clips of "Leningrad" - "Exhibit" and “In Peter, You Drink" - have become hugely popular.

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