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The fan who paid a thousand dollars for a meeting with Johnny Depp: "And then he kissed me on the cheek!"



Russian businesswoman shared with Komsomolskaya Pravda that "Jack Sparrow" told her in Russian what gift she had made to him, and how her husband which is very similar to Johnny Depp himself felt about this date.

"For me, the price of a meeting wasn't scary, but the fact that I might not meet Johnny Depp was!" , - admits Anastasia".

Johnny Depp is a pirate not only on the screen, but in life. For a meeting with Russian fans, the capricious Hollywood star demanded one thousand dollars.

Recall, Depp came to Russia as a guitarist. Along with the shock-rocker Alice Cooper and the group Hollywood Vampires, he played concerts in Mosc ow and St. Petersburg. And at the same time he decided to make money on his fans. And in fact there were already 40 young ladies ready to pay for an audience with "Jack Sparrow". . .

One of them is Anastasia Niyazgulova. She is a businesswoman. So a thousand dollars for her is not such a big sum.

- I did not have to save, just had extra money, - explains Anastasia. I first saw him in the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Imagine, I argued with my mother that Willy Wonka is a woman! A man can not be so beautiful ...

Our heroine first saw Depp in the movie "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" Photo: a still from the film 


All the "lucky ones" were lined up. And each one went separately to the room to meet Hollywood star.

 - I went into the room. And then I had a small amnesia of wild excitement. I told Depp in Russian something like: "Here you are, my dear! I just came here for you! "- recalls Niyazgulova. - We hugged each other, and Johnny Depp gently kissed me on cheek. Couple of photos, then he turned to me and began to look intently at my face. I even felt embarrassed. Then I asked in English: "How are you?". Depp replied: "Oh, thank you, everything is fine. How do you?". We exchanged a couple of phrases, and then he told me in Russian "thank you", to which I replied in Russian: "Yes, you're welcome!".

 Unfortunately, everything was very fast. But there was so much I wanted to say! Johnny Depp is not a vampire. He is a very gentle, warm person who looks at you and as if peeks into the soul. Probably, he was waiting for a question from me, but I was confused and said only stock phrases. And I gave him a silk handkerchief with drawings of Moscow attractions.

Photo: VK.COM

By the way, Anastasia has her own personal Johnny Depp. Her husband is very similar to a Hollywood star.

"It's an accident," laughs Nastya. - Simply, apparently, I like a certain type. He is also a musician and a hooligan in the past. Of course, my husband was jealous when I went to meet with the real Johnny Depp! But it was jealousy without anger.

p.s. according to the terms of the meeting with Johnny Depp, the fans were photographed with the artist only by the organizers themselves. Pictures of Anastasia have not yet been sent. As soon as she receives them, we will publish them here.

The girl thinks that her husband is like Johnny Depp. Photo: 

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