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A fabulous wedding of Austrian prince Paul-Anton Esterházy von Galántha and a model


Prince Paul-Anton Esterházy von Galántha comes from an ancient Austro-Hungarian family

Prince Paul-Anton Esterhazy von Galantha, one of the most enviable suitors in Europe, married at 36 years old 33-year-old model Franziska Reiter, who comes from an aristocratic family. A chic wedding took place in a castle in Carinthia, Austria. The Daily Mail writes about it.

Anton's family was once one of the richest in Austria-Hungary. But when the two states separated after the First World War, the family's property was divided.


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Land reform in Hungary meant the confiscation of property from former princes and other noble families. Meanwhile, one ruling head of the family, Prince Paul, ended up leaving his entire fortune to his widow Melinda, with his property and lands passing to his nephew Prince Anton.

Groom Paul-Anton is the only child of Anton Rudolph Marie Georg Christoph Hubertus Johannes Karl Aglaya, 13th Prince Esterhazy von Galant and his first wife Ursula Koenig. He got engaged to his fiancee in 2021.

His father, by the way, works as a prince. He was hired by Hungary to live at the Esterhazy Palace in Ferted and entertain tourists. However, Paul says that he does not consider himself a prince and lives a "normal life". He was educated at a prestigious boarding school in England, attended the University of St. Andrews and received his master's degree from Oxford. And Franziska von Reuter studied mathematics at the University of Edinburgh before becoming a model.


Wedding of Prince Paul-Anton Esterhazy von Galantha and Franziska Reiter Photo: Social networks prince wedding 2022, wedding 2022, royal wedding, prince wedding, austrian prince

The wedding took place in an old castle. Franziska, known to everyone as Sissi, opted for two elegant outfits and diamond family jewelry.

Recall that earlier a luxurious royal-style wedding was arranged by Princess Charlotte de Bourbon-Parma , belonging to the Spanish royal family. Her chosen one was the Guatemalan diplomat Javier Valladares Urruela, the son of the Guatemalan ambassador to the UK.

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