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5 movies with Louis Garrel that everyone should watch


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It has been about nine years since Marianne left Abel for his best friend Paul. After Paul's death, Marianne returns to her former lover with her little son. The witty melodrama about a love triangle in French "The Honest Man" became the second directorial work of the famous actor Louis Garrel ("Friends"), who also starred. Together with him, his wife Laetitia Casta and a very young Lily-Rose Depp starred in the film. Today, one of the most famous French actors of our time, Louis Garrel, is celebrating his birthday. This charming brunette first appeared on the screen at 6, at 20 became known around the world for his role in the movie "Dreamers", and at 23 he received the Cesar award in the "Most Promising Actor" nomination. And despite the fact that the names of the films can give the impression, that Louis starred in films for adults - "Prelude", "My Girl Doesn't Want ...", "That Summer of Passion" - in the frame he always looks like a disheveled French Apollo, and all his roles are frank, deep and dramatic. We recall 5 films with his participation that everyone should see. 

Dreamers, 2003



Paris, May 1968, student riots. Against this background, Bertolucci paints a picture of one single sexual revolution taking place in a bohemian Parisian apartment where Isabelle and Theo (Eva Green and Louis Garrel) and their American friend Matthew live. They watch movies, drink, smoke, discuss politics and make love all night long. A film literally riddled with sex, parismania and cinephilia.

"All songs are only about love", 2007


facebook vk ok All Love Songs is a musical romantic drama in which relationships are depicted in all possible forms. Young journalist Esmael and his girlfriend Julie live together, but their union is periodically supplemented by a girl named Alice. Suddenly Julie dies, and Esmael plunges into an abyss of disappointment, misunderstanding and sadness. Once he meets a young man, which gives him the opportunity to look at the world with different eyes. A frustrated young man is looking for a kindred spirit, although he is afraid of a new deep affection that can hurt so painfully and for a long time.

"That summer of passion", 2011


The hero of the dramatic film “That Summer of Passion” is a young, wealthy artist Frederic. He lives a happy life with his wife, actress Angela. But over time, the unearthly beauty of his own wife gets bored and the feelings of a married couple begin to fade. Frederick draws Angela less and less, and she quietly suffers from a lack of attention and from the resulting gap between them. But everything changes when Angela gets herself a lover and leaves her husband. facebook vk ok

"Illusion of love", 2016


The troubled Gabrielle's parents married the respected, hard-working and laconic farmer Jose. The girl announces to her husband that she does not love and will never love him, but Jose values ​​her so madly that she is ready to endure such an attitude. One day Gabriel ends up in a sanatorium, where he meets the man of her dreams - the sensual veteran of the Indochina war Andre.

"An Honest Man", 2018


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