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Kristina Romanova: interview with a model

    Exclusive interview with charming model, the heroine of the clip Avicii - «Wake Me Up», Kristina Romanova.

    - How would you introduce yourself to a person who has never heard of you?

    - Kristina Romanova, model:)

    - What did you want to be as a kid?

    - I wanted to be a teacher:)

    - The best advice you ever received?

    - Do not hold a grudge.

    - What is the most wonderful feeling?

    - Recently I had the first nephew - inexpressible feeling!

    - You have a charming smile. What brings you joy?

    - Thank you:) I'm glad if all is well in my family. So gratifying finding pleasure in the little things. For example, flowers:)

    - Your first steps up the ladder of success

    - My introduction to the modeling business has occurred in Volgograd V.G.models agency. I came there on the advice of friends. They liked me, my pictures were sent to New York. And so things heated up.

    - What inspired you to start a modeling career?

    - I repeat, my friends insisted. I never wanted to be a model. - Your biggest success. - Cooperation with the agency Women. - Girl's Best Friend, is that ...? - Diamonds:)

    - Your genuine necessity without which you can not get out of the house.

    - Mobile phone.

    - If you could, what would you change in yourself?

    - I don’t take things lightly. I would like to learn to ignore trivialities.

    - They say that you need to try everything in life. Do you agree with this statement?

    - It is necessary to try everything, but in a reasonable way. For example, I have always been against drugs.

    - Imagine that you have a time machine, what time would you like to go back?

    - I would like to get into the 80's - the time of youth of my parents.

    - How do you work with Tim Berg? (Avicii)

    - It’s easy to work with Tim, he is a very nice person. It never caused any difficulties.


    Kristina in music video "Wake me up" by Avicii

    - What role has song "Wake Me Up" played in your life?

    - A lot of people recognize me because of the clip for the song "Wake Me Up".

    - Favorite musical genre

    - Hip-hop, deep house.

    - Recent updates in your playlist.

    - AlunaGeorge - Best Be Believing, Tube & Berger, Juliet Sikora - Come On Now, Drake - We Made It.

    - You already have experience of filming in the clip, would you like to play in a movie?

    - I'm thinking about it, definitely I’ll try myself in this field, but not now.

    - Describe the Miss World 2020.

    - I hope she will look like a classical beauty. I am very closed-minded about canons of beauty.

    - The greatest thing in your house?

    - Music Speakers:)

    - The worst clothes you ever wore?

    - I can not remember the worst, but often see low-quality clothes. It comes with the territory

    - Your reaction to the loss of mobile phone

    - Panic.

    - What is the most sweet memory of the past week?

    - Returned to NY, I spent the whole week with my best friend. Very missed each other, so that the meeting was very nice:)

    - Which book has impressed you the most?

    - The recent readed - Dostoevsky - The Idiot.

    - The most memorable gift you received.

    - My 17th birthday party in the Mexican style

    - Your wishes to readers

    - I wish you all to please your loved ones as much as possible, to live in harmony with yourself and subjugation new tops!


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