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Fans were delighted by the Barbie doll "Natalia Vodianova"


    Vodianova Barbie doll wears a gorgeous Louis Vuitton dress 

    Barbie doll "Natalia Vodianova ", available for sale this year, is a gift for fans and collectors, who immediately fell in love in it and appreciated the workmanship of doll itself and her haute couture dress.

    Collectible "Little Vodianova" wearing a gorgeous dress and white coat: an outfit for her designed creative director of Louis Vuitton, Nicolas Ghesquière. The doll wears elegant black Kitten heels. Russian Barbie packaged in a stylish transparent box inscribed in golden letters «NATALIA VODIANOVA Barbie».

    Small "Natalia Vodianova" was released by Mattel - producer of the legendary Barbie doll. This is the first project of its kind in Russia, when the prototype of the doll has become a particular person. Barbie doll "Natalia Vodianova" limited edition in 2017. The doll is packaged in a stylish box.

    Photo: "Auchan" Store website The doll is packaged in a stylish box. 

    Initially, the price of Barbie "Natalia Vodianova" was about six 6000 rubles (aboy $100) in Russia, but now, on the eve of the holidays, some shops offer a doll with a huge discount. By the way, part of the proceeds from the sale of each of such Doll enters the "Naked Heart" Fund on the establishment of a system of free services for families with children with disabilities, and building of inclusive playgrounds for children of all ages and abilities. "

    Natalia Vodianova has posted on Instagram photo, in which she is seen in a luxurious evening red dress, holding a box with Vodianova doll with the caption:

    - Life in plastic, it's fantastic.

    The first Russian Barbie is dressed in a chic dress by Louis Vuitton.

    Photo: Instagram Natalia Vodianova, the "Auchan" store's website

    Many followers made their comments about Vodianova doll.

    - Oh, what a beautiful doll! I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. - wrote user faechkainsta.

    - We have such a doll !!! It is fantastic! Like you, Natasha, - shared heleneloz.

    Som e Internet users, however, do not see the similarities between supermodel and Barbie.

    - I saw this doll in the store! You're beautiful, and most importantly - The look in her eyes is not your's. It's just you don't have that look in your eye, you know? - wrote iana.barinova 

    - Natasha, you do not look like a doll, you are 1,000 times more beautiful - wrote lesya_kasparova.

    Barbie doll "Natalia Vodianova": where to buy and how much

    Children's Store "Ship": 7999 rubles

    Shop "Children's world": stock price 999 rubles (regular price - 5999 rubles)

    Network of shops of home appliances "Eldorado": stock price 4339 rubles (regular price - 6189 rubles)

    Hypermarket "Auchan ": 5799 rubles

    Shop Online «Wildberries»: 999 rubles


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