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Alesya Kafelnikova has a new boyfriend

Until now Alesya Kafelnikova dated only the "right" young men from good Moscow families (she dated the son of a restaurateur Nikita Novikov and rising star of hockey German Rubtsov, for example). Now the 18-year-old beauty is fascinated by a notorious hooligan - she started passionate affair with 20-year-old Gleb Golubin, acting under the name of Pharaoh.

In addition to depression hits, blond musician is known as a brawler and a lover of strong language. In addition, the young man does not hide his tender friendship with illicit drugs and alcohol.

Gleb showed his feelings to Alesya openly: in one one of the joint selfies, shared to in Instagram he is seen enthusiastically licking his beloved's cheek!

Gleb Golubin and Alesya Kafelnikova


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