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"Wild angel" Natalia Oreiro presented film "Nasha Natasha"

Natalia Oreiro at the Moscow international film festival. The actress arrived in Moscow to present her new film

The film “Our Natasha” ("Nasha Natasha") is presented in the framework of the Moscow international film festival. Yeah, it's all about her - the favorite of millions of Russians, Uruguayan actress and singer Natalia Oreiro, who arrived in Moscow to present the film. Why she stole the hearts of so many people - is not clear. In General, it is about this actress and her relationship with the Russian fans were filmed in "Our Natasha".

At first glance Oreiro has changed so much. She turns 40 next year, so of course, she's changed. Ray-wrinkles appeared in the corners of her eyes. But, we think, she has become more feminine, relaxed, and "thoroughbred". For the event the actress chose a modest gray pantsuit and silk shirt with deep neckline.

In the film, we see the "cult of personality" in all its glory. On her arrival to Siberia Natalia is met by unfamiliar women, who prostrate themselves before her, give her toys, which then plays the son of the actress. - "I wanted to show how my son plays with Cheburashka and other toys. In the film he plays the guitar, which gave him a fan of mine. And recently, Merlin told me that he likes Russian girls," - said the Uruguayan star at a press conference.

And the movie looks like this 83-minute gratitude for all Russian people’s love. In "Our Natasha" we are talking about the tour of Russia (16 cities, 20 days), which "wild angel" made in 2014. "I think the film is somewhat melancholic. It is based on my real life. Of course, my fans know that this tour of Russia was a great challenge for me. And we decided to show it to understand what is common between me, a girl from Latin America and a girl from Siberia, who grew up in a completely different culture".



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