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Lily James confirms romance with musician Michael Shumen


Lily James confirms romance with musician Michael Shumen 

Lily James, the star of the new Hulu series "Pam and Tommy" , indirectly confirmed the affair with the bass guitarist of the American rock band Queens of the Stone Age Michael Shumen - the actress posted a series of pictures on Instagram, one of which depicted the musician. True, from the back, but it was not difficult for the fans of the rocker to recognize him.


Lily James Michael Schumen


Michael Schumen Lily James


The romance between Shumen and Lily was first talked about in August last year, after the paparazzi photographed a couple kissing outside a hotel in Suffolk. Despite such convincing evidence, Lily still has not officially confirmed that she is in a relationship. Michael Schumen Michael Schumen


Perhaps such caution is connected with the scandal that erupted around the next novel of the actress a year earlier. Then Lily was caught kissing married actor Dominic West, her colleague on the TV series Looking for Love. The result of this story, which has been discussed in the media for a long time, was West's public apology to his wife and mother of his four children, Katherine Fitzgerald. Despite the crisis , the couple managed to maintain a relationship.


Dominic West with wife Katherine Fitzgerald Dominic West with wife Katherine Fitzgerald 

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