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Cake from Zemfira and a mini dress: how Renata Litvinova's daughter Uliana Dobrovskaya celebrated her 21st birthday


Ulyana Dobrovskaya

On July 26, the daughter of Renata Litvinova, Ulyana Dobrovskaya, turned 21 years old. The girl celebrated her birthday in the company of close people and friends in France. The cake for the birthday girl with the song Happy Birthday was brought out by Zemfira and Ulyana's friend, designer Fyodor Dyakonov, and the rest of those present joined the choir. Ulyana's friend from the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts shared photos from the holiday - he published them on his Instagram * @remyboutareau.


Ulyana Dobrovskaya


Apparently, the holiday turned out to be long. First, Ulyana and her classmates gathered for a picnic, but in the evening there was already a solemn part, for which the birthday girl changed into a white satin mini dress with draperies. Renata Litvinova did not appear in the photo or video, but, of course, she was also present at the celebration. On her Instagram*, Renata published several posts with congratulations to her daughter, as well as her own photo with tha caption:

My joyful yesterday, when my daughter suddenly turned 21 years old.


Renata Litvinova

In her social networks, Litvinova also published a video from the holiday with the caption: "26 is my special number when my important people were born". Fans immediately realized that the actress was hinting at Zemfira, who was born on August 26.


Recently, Litvinova also shared a new selfie with the singer.

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