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Anna Semenovich called men without money stupid and lazy: 40-year-old singer is used to living in luxury


Anna Semenovich called men without money stupid and lazy

Anna Semenovich, by her 40s, had never been married yet. The owner of outstanding curves has repeatedly stated that she is in no hurry to go down the aisle. The singer wants her chosen one to be rich, and also allows her to express herself and does not ask her to sit at home.

Anna Semenovich is an enviable bride. She is considered one of the most beautiful singers in the russian show business. The artist is famous throughout the country. Therefore, her future husband must correspond to her. Now the beauty's heart is taken.

"Nobody knows anything about the chosen one, because I am an intelligent woman. It is important for me that a man does not try to undermine me. Many find it difficult to communicate with strong women, and I am mega-powerful," Semenovich said on the Kovalsky YouTube show.

According to her, each of her chosen ones wanted her to end her singing career and sit at home. But Anna dreamed of having fun and walking. In addition, she is attracted to rich men. Semenovich said that she is unlikely to marry a man who has no money and who is not able to provide for himself and her at the proper level. When life turns back to you, show it your teeth in a big smile. And she will not resist Photo: “I don’t need a rogue. I think that a man should be able to make money. If a man doesn’t do this, then he’s stupid or lazy,” said the 40-year-old star.



Now, according to Semenovich, she is ripe for creating a family, does not regret the missed moments and boldly looks into the future. “I have become some kind of superstitious, so it’s a secret for now. But I want to say one thing, he is seven years younger than me. Only now I realized that I want to become a mother. Three years ago I thought I’d hang out,” the singer admitted. Anna has said more than once that she dreams of giving birth to a girl: "I really want a daughter who looks like me."

Recall that Anna Semenovich had an affair with a man named Daniel. It was he who helped her to believe in herself and begin to conquer show business. Then Ruslan appeared in the artist's life, who was a very wealthy and generous man. The businessman gave the singer an apartment and a car, they often went to rest. The couple lived together for seven years. But it turned out that the man lived in two families. The singer also had a whirlwind romance with a Greek millionaire who gave her gorgeous gifts. A successful businessman from Switzerland also fought for the heart of a busty blonde. He provided the beloved with due attention.



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