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Winter's Tale: Natalia Vodianova and her children visit friends in Moscow

Natalia Vodianova with her son Lucas

The other day, 38-year-old Natalia Vodianova flew to Russia with her three older children from her first marriage to Justin Portman. In Moscow, a supermodel with her sons, 18-year-old Lucas and 13-year-old Victor, and 14-year-old daughter Neva stayed in the country house of her close friend Olga Thompson and her large family.

Today Natalia, together with her children and friends, spent the whole day outside the city. First, they warmed up with hot tea in the house where Olga's children arranged a concert for the guests: they sang the traditional Christmas song Santa Baby to the accompaniment of a synthesizer. After that, the friendly company went for a walk in the winter forest, during which the children had plenty of sledging and ice skating.

Lucas, Victor and Neva

Дети Ольги Томпсон

Children of Olga Thompson

This is how we spend our time! A short stop in Moscow to see our friends before embarking on a new journey, - wrote Natalia under one of the videos from the walk.

Дочь Ольги Томпсон

Daughter of Olga Thompson

Ольга Топмсон

Olga Thompson

Лукас Портман

Lucas Portman

Дочь Натальи Водяновой Нева с Натальей Томпсон

Daughter of Natalia Vodianova Neva with Natalia Thompson

In Moscow, Vodianova will stop for a short while. Judging by her words in the story, in the near future she and her children will go to Murmansk. They are apparently going there to work on the Russian Vacation project. As part of this documentary series, produced by the writer Mikhail Zygar and Natella Krapivina, Natalia introduces older children to different parts of her homeland and tells them about Russian traditions.

My children understand that they are Russian, but at the same time they do not know what that means. And an idea came to my mind, and Mikhail supported it: to shoot a documentary series where I show the Russia I know. And through the eyes of children we will show it to millions of viewers, - Natalia told about the purpose of the new project with her participation.

Last year, as part of the filming of the documentary series, Natalya, together with the children, already managed to visit Sochi, Adygea, Pyatigorsk and North Ossetia. In the future plans of Vodianova, who herself comes from Nizhny Novgorod, will soon visit Murmansk, the Kola Peninsula and Karelia.

Наталья Водянова с детьми

Natalia Vodianova with children PHOTO Instagram

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