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Tina Kunakey has fun in Milan without Vincent Cassel

Tina Kunaki has fun in Milan without Vincent Cassel

While Vincent Cassel is on holidays in the Dominican Republic with his children from a marriage with his ex-wife Monica Bellucci, his 20-year-old sweetheart Tina Kunakey spends time with her friend in Milan. Paparazzi photographed a couple during a walk around the city. Tina and her friend walked arm-in-arm, joked and, judging by the smiles on their faces, were in excellent spirits. 

Tina Kunakey

Tina clearly did not want to go unnoticed, because she chose a very bright image for walking around the city. The actor'sbeloved wore jeans in patchwork style, a black T-shirt, a shirt in a cage and a beige short fur sheepskin coat. For convenience and comfort, she opted for black sneakers, and complimented her look with a belt green Gucci bag. According to eyewitnesses, Kunakey and her friend arranged a shopping evening and walked through boutiques.

Tina Kunakey

Tina Kunakey

In Milan, the girl was not by chance - a few days ago she visited the Tommy Hilfiger show in the framework of the Fashion Week. Despite the fact that, judging by the pictures, she had a great time in the Italian city, she still misses her beloved and posts on Instagram touching joint photos from their holiday in Brazil.

Vensan Cassel and Tina Kunakey

Vincent Cassel and Tina Kunakey 

The actor himself, by the way, is still enjoying beach rest and shares pictures of his daughters Deva and Leoni.

Photo from Instagram Vensan Cassel

Photo from Vincent CasselI's Instagram  

Photo from Instagram Vensan Cassel


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