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Svetlana Loboda renounced Ukrainian citizenship for the passport of Malta


Ukrainian singer and a native of Kyiv Svetlana Loboda has been a citizen of Malta for several years (the country is part of the European Union), producer and managing partner of the concert agency Kirill Chibisov told RIA FAN about this. According to the publication, Loboda refused a Ukrainian passport and in recent years demanded fees for concerts exclusively in euros.

There is no need to worry about Loboda. She is actually a citizen of Malta. She renounced Ukrainian citizenship. Loboda has long consolidated all its capital in Malta. Why shed tears here and arrange a circus? Chibisov said.

Officially, neither she nor her representatives confirmed this information about Loboda's citizenship.


Svetlana Loboda 

It is known that earlier on her Instagram, Loboda very emotionally commented on what is happening in Ukraine and condemned the Russian military special operation in this country. Chibisov is sure that such statements by Ukrainian artists are insincere.

She, like the rest of the artists from Ukraine, had the last five "fat" years when they earned millions. They are not afraid to burn bridges when you have 200-300 million dollars in your account. All these tears about Ukraine are ordered. They don't spill anything. They sit by the pool and drink cocktails. Thay flew to Dubai, or they flew to Marbella. Nobody sits in Kyiv, - said the producer.


Svetlana Loboda

Loboda did not hide the fact that she had lived in Europe in recent years. She spoke about the move last year, noting that she had bought a house on the coast of the sea (where exactly, however, the singer did not specify then). Together with her, her daughters Evangelina and Tilda also live there. Officially, information about the acquisition of citizenship of Malta by the singer herself or her representatives has not yet been confirmed.

Malta citizenship can be obtained in exchange for investment - for example, for this you need to purchase real estate worth at least 700 thousand euros. In addition, applicants must donate 10,000 euros to an authorized charitable organization. After obtaining a residence permit for citizenship, you can apply after three years of residence in the country, and if you invest more than 750 thousand euros in the economy, then in a year.

This scheme was used by many wealthy citizens from the CIS countries. Earlier, due to the situation in Ukraine, Malta suspended the processing of applications for a residence permit and citizenship for investment from Russia and Belarus.

Since the beginning of the military special operation, many famous natives of Ukraine who worked in Russian show business have spoken negatively about Russia's actions. Singer Max Barskikh said that he forbids playing his songs in Russia, refused to return money for concerts to his Russian fans and noted a number of Russophobic statements. Film producer Alexander Rodnyansky earlier also condemned the military special operation. Natella Krapivina, the former producer of Svetlana Loboda, who also lived in Ukraine in her youth, was previously stripped of her Russian citizenship. After Krapivina made a sharp condemnation of Russia's actions, a check was made on the legitimacy of her obtaining citizenship, which revealed violations in this procedure.

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