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Svetlana Loboda left Russia with her daughters and admitted that she lost a lot


The singer shared her emotions in an interview. Svetlana Loboda left Russia with her daughters. At the same time, the singer canceled not only concerts, but also private performances.

She admitted that now she cannot perform joyfully. And her family is more important than her career. But at the same time, Svetlana admits that she lost a lot by leaving Russia. After all, it was here that she built a career and earned money for the past few years.


“Fans from Russia write: “Why did you leave us, left us?” For me, family is the most important thing! I sacrifice my career - well, I couldn’t go on stage and smile. How can you be an ostrich, bury your head in the sand? Yes, I lost a lot, because I was the number one artist in Russia , ” said the blonde in an interview on the YouTube show “Tell Gordeeva”.


Earlier, Loboda has already said that she does not even think about returning to Russia. “I have been destroyed. I'm like a little kid who got lost. We lived in Russia, my daughter went to school there. Now Eva is studying in Riga, the youngest goes to the garden there. It is not clear where I will live next, but for now here. Mom, sister are constantly depressed. They say they want to go home - they can be understood. They are rushing to Kiev, I keep them with all my might, ” Loboda shared her emotions.

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