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«SAFISA» restaurant: wedding reception venue of billionaires Sarkis Karapetyan and Said Gutseriev

After Gutserievs couple selected restaurant Safisa for their wedding, this place is firmly earned a reputation of one of the most chic places of the Moscow. The total floor area - 3000 square meters, where, if desired, you can not only make a real Garden of Eden, how it was at the wedding of Sargis Karapetyan and Salome Kintsurashvili, but also accommodate more than 600 guests. By the way, according to experts, floristic composition at the ceremony of Gutserievs costs about 14 million rubles.

It is difficult to overstate the prestige of Moscow restaurant Safisa. It is a masterpiece of gold, crystal and marble, which deserves applause. For those who are impressed by the fairytale architecture of Monaco, Safisa restaurant will be the center of luxury.

Palace Safisa - a separate building with a total area of three thousand square meters. In the decoration of the restaurant only the most exquisite and expensive materials: gold plated, crystal, marble, fabric décor were used. Interior of «SAFISA» is amazing - marble floors, gilded staircase and crystal chandeliers like in the Hermitage, huge arched windows and exquisite moldings.

"The customer asked to make a luxurious interior, reminiscent of the palaces in Monte Carlo or Monaco," - says the architect. Virtually all - interior, decoration, decorative elements (gold moldings, crystal chandeliers and expensive furniture) - used in classic designs.

In the center of the room hung a huge crystal chandelier (3.5 meters in diameter). Seven arched windows give an extraordinary light. There is a stage, where famous artists are performing. It is made according to the latest standards, and is the subject of our pride".

«SAFISA» can offer space for up to 600 people in the main hall. The lobby area is perfect for a welcome cocktail. An integral part of the banquet hall is a magnificent balcony, where guests are invited to go to enjoy a pyrotechnic show program.

It all starts with fourchette room, where guests are greet newlyweds. Then the guests are ascending the staircase leading to the restaurant.

The Garden Square of Banquet Hall "SAFISA" is perfect for on-site registration, as well as an open-air receptions.

Restaurant "Safisa" surprises not only by its interior- restaurant complex will please even the spoiled gourmand. Menu of Safisa restaurant is famous for the incredible variety of flavors and special dishes prepared to suit individual customer requirements.



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