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Pugacheva and Galkin were given the green light to move to the United States



In the very near future, the star couple can fly overseas. A well-known lawyer told how Pugacheva and Galkin will be able to legalize in America.

46-year-old humorist Maxim Galkin and 73-year-old singer Alla Pugacheva can move to permanent residence in the United States. At least today, persistent rumors about this have spread on the Internet. Allegedly, the star couple has already chosen a place for themselves in Florida, where Christina Orbakaite has built a family nest. Meanwhile, lawyer Alexander Ostrovsky considers this scenario very likely. In his opinion, Alla Borisovna is a great personality who will be accepted with open arms in any state, including the United States. The status of her daughter can also facilitate the move.

“It is possible that Christina Orbakaite has citizenship, because her husband is American. Probably, in this case, family reunification will be possible. In general, for a normal life in America, a green card will be enough for them. Given the personality of Pugacheva, authority, influence, the United States can meet her halfway and provide the entire family with a residence permit in an expedited manner, ”says Ostrovsky.

People are forcibly driven to foreign concerts of Maxim Galkin Conflicting information is now circulating about how Alla Borisovna herself sees her future. According to one information, she is seriously considering returning to Russia and is ready to do this, even if, in order to implement her plan, she will have to divorce Maxim Galkin. But there is other information: allegedly, the Primadonna sees her future anywhere, but not in her homeland. In this case, leaving for the United States would be a very good option for her.

As for Galkin, he made his choice a long time ago. In his speeches, the comedian harshly criticizes Russia, for which he can be prosecuted for discrediting the army. However, jokes about his native country do not help Maxim Alexandrovich gather an audience: according to some reports, people are forcibly driven to his concerts .

Source: Blitz+

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