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Natalia Vodianova with children is attending the Special Olympics in Austria

Natalia Vodianova with children

These days, Natalia Vodianova, together with her children, is in Austria - the model flew there to support the Winter Special Olympics, a sports event for people with mental disabilities. Vodianova has already managed to attend the press conference and the opening ceremony of the Games, as well as share her impressions with her followers by posting some vivid photos.

In the picture shared  on instagram, Vodianova is seen along with children - Lucas, Victor and Neva - posing in raincoats. 

"Yesterday there were tens of thousands of people dancing in the rain, including my children at the opening ceremony of the Winter Games of the Special Olympics in Austria. It was raining hard, and the temperature was close to zero, but we did not care! The stadium was full of people, and we were full of joy to participate in this movement.  Зeople flew to these Games from around the world, each with its own history. But we all did it! Hello, Austria, hello to the rainy Schladming!" - wrote Natalia.

I am a soldier of the Special Olympics and Inclusion. Here we are all warriors fighting not with other people, but with prejudices, blinders of thinking, in the name of values ​​that will determine the future. Will we become a tolerant society or will we go back far into the Middle Ages? The harmony or tragedy of the future of all mankind depends on it", - Vodianova calls for tolerance and welcomes all those involved in this field to participate actively.

Recall supermodel Natalia Vodianova has long been closely involved in charitable work and supports people with disabilities. Vodianova also uses her energy to help her own children become engaged in charity work: she takes them with her on various trips, to charity marathons and so on.

Natalia Vodianova

Children of Natalia Vodianova

Natalia Vodianova with children

Natalia Vodianova

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