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Lindsay Lohan created a scandal in Greece

Famous Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan made a big fuss over her Russian boyfriend Egor Tarabasov. It is noteworthy that she broke down before her potential mother-in-law and made a scene. Lohan's behavior shocked the woman.

Scandal between Lindsay Lohan and Egor Tarabasov broke out on the beach of one of the Greek resorts. Actress and her boyfriend had a very loud argument, oblivious to the fact that the shore was full of people. Then Lindsey grabbed Egor’s mobile phone and threw it into the sea.

According to rumors, it is not the first loud argument of lovers. According to friends, Lohan is jealous for no reason. He's seven years younger than her and although Lindsay assured that it does not play any role in their relationship, the actress is going through at this point. The inner circle of Hollywood actress say that she loses her temper, when she sees some young beauty next to Egor.

A fighting occurred after Lohan began to read the message in Egor’s phone, when he went off for a moment. She was outraged by one of the messages sent by Egor’s fans.

It is interesting that, in addition to the occasional tourists, the mother of Egor, Elena witnessed Lohan fighting with Tarabasov. She was shocked by behavior of Lohan and encouraged her son to consider if he really wants to marry this woman.

Recall Hollywood diva’s fiance was born in Moscow, got British citizenship, and graduated from Cass Business School. Tarabasov owns Real Estate Agency Home House Estates, and he is a shareholder of Ivy Bank. Lohan met Tarabasov at a party in London, the couple has been dating for more than five months.

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