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Lily-Rose Depp has fun with friends in the Bahamas: Photo & Video

Lily-Rose Depp with friends in the Bahamas: Photo & Video

Lily-Rose shared with subscribers how she and her friends are sunbathing by the water. 

Lily-Rose Depp is no exception and has joined the celebrities who prefer to spend January in hot countries. Model has chosen Bahamas, where she recently flew with friends. Lily-Rose's shared picture on Instagram in which she is captured surrounded by her friends. 

Followers appreciated the figure of the girl. However, some people advised to show this photo to her father, apparently thinking that Johnny Depp would be shocked by the frank picture of his daughter. Although there is nothing terrible in this in fact - many models post more provocative photos. And remember, for example, the daughters of Bruce Willis! Their extravagant tricks really brought a lot of trouble to star parents. They make Lily-Rose look like a babe in the woods.

However, fans of the young actress found in social networks another  photo and video, in which she appears.

Lily-Rose Depp (far right) with friends Lily-Rose Depp (far right) with friends Selfie in a bikini, a meeting with the inhabitants of the nice resort, loud parties ...

In short, the winter holidays Lily-Rose Depp spends with a bang! 


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