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Keanu Reeves plays the balalaika, sings ditties and walks around St. Petersburg


Deepfakes with the star of "The Matrix" in Russia filled social networks

Stories about anomalous kindness and Christian asceticism of Keanu Reeves have literally become the talk of the town - he feeds people on the streets, and travels by public transport, and pushes cars of ordinary citizens, and wears heavy equipment on the set as a handyman, and disembarks aircraft passengers after an emergency landing , and so on.


Reeves is also loved in Russia. The apotheosis of recognition was playful videos with deepfakes (where a person’s face is “sewn on” with a special program, and facial expressions and gestures are modeled by a neural network) of Keanu traveling around Russia.


So, for example, in a national Russian shirt, the actor stands under a birch in the forest and performs ditties about import substitution: “There is no Mars brand chocolate, Surely a good sign. How awesome is the Englishman When he sees a kozinak! "I'm leaving Coca-Cola" I'm not at all afraid. I have bread kvass He has excellent taste." Watch video Keanu Reeves. Chastushki Keanu Reeves. Chastushki SHARE VIDEO CODE In another video, Keanu replaces Danila Bagrov in Andrey Balabanov's film "Brother" and wanders around St. Petersburg's iconic places, embankments and bridges with a Sony Discman player and in berets. The actor repeats the children's poem by Vladimir Orlov "I found out that I have a huge family", which Danila reads in the second part of "Brother", and also throws pebbles into the water and looks thoughtfully at the Neva. Watch video In the footsteps of the movie "Brother" In the footsteps of the movie "Brother" What's the power guys? #cyanourives #peter #movie #brother 12+

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