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Katerina Safarova dates Timati's brother? What are they doing together in France



22-year-old Ekaterina Safarova continues her journey through Europe. Now she is in France, where she met Timati's brother . There, the couple had lunch in one of the restaurants and, as can be seen from the stories, had a good time.

Many media outlets write that Timati and Safarova broke up, but they themselves did not confirm this information, none of them speaks on this topic. It is only known that they rest in different places. Despite rumors of parting, it is also known that Timati managed to introduce Kat to his daughter Alice and mother Simona Yunusova. The meeting with his brother gave fans another hope that the television couple still did not part.

After the end of the Bachelor project, the relationship between Ekaterina Safarova, the winner of the show, and Timati were on pause. The rapper appeared with the girl at the MUZ-TV 20-21 Awards, and after several times he was seen in her company. But this is where the love story ended.

Katerina herself soon left for her homeland, in Spain. It is known that Timati was not shy with gifts for his chosen one and presented her with a lot of expensive jewelry: a watch for 4 million rubles, a pendant for 400 thousand, a bracelet for half a million and a ring from the famous brand Jacob & Co, worth 22 million rubles, which soon disappeared from the finger girls. Ekaterina said that she just takes good care of the present and does not put it on again.

Nowadays celebrities are resting in different places. So, Catherine showed how she spends time with Timati's younger brother, Artem Yunusov. Together they "chill" in one of the restaurants, where the guy dances merrily to the music.



Timati did not comment on what happened.

According to rumors, the rapper's romantic relationship with the model was just staging and drawing attention to her person. In addition, celebrities earned big money on the show. If Timati received money for participating in the project itself, then for Katerina everything turned out differently. Thanks to her famous boyfriend, Safarova attracted 2 million followers on Instagram, receiving a "blue check". Diva landed many advertising contracts, and also successfully sold a fitness course, earning 12 million rubles on it.




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