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“In Sochi, the territory is already taken”: why Abramovich is buying up Gelendzhik


You can only rejoice at the resort

Roman Abramovich, it seems, is seriously aiming at the development of resort tourism in Gelendzhik, his structures are already buying the second large facility there. The first one purchased at the end of last year was a plot of more than 2 hectares, which includes the former Spartak stadium - where experts expect the construction of a hotel or apartment complex to start. Today it became known about a new deal - the hotel-boarding house "Crystal" with an area of ​​4.5 thousand square meters was bought. m with a plot of 1.5 hectares on lease until 2054. It is obvious that housing construction there for the same purposes is impossible due to the fact that the coast is a zone of exclusively resort construction.

Dmitry Bogdanov, chairman of the board of the hoteliers association AMOS, does not see anything extraordinary in Abramovich's arrival in Gelendzhik: “The situation is quite simple. In Sochi, the territory is already taken, representatives of large businesses, including those working abroad, are trying not to go to Crimea. So it turns out that the main interest is the region of Gelendzhik, Anapa, I hope, also Taman - there are not so many free places on the coast. In Gelendzhik, several major transactions have recently taken place, Alrosa has sold its boarding house, and a number of objects are for sale. In 3–5, maximum 6 years, a fairly serious pool of large hotels and health resorts will be formed there.” Carlson Tourism returned Greece to Siberia Carlson Tourism returned Greece to Siberia The company held a grand workshop with Greek hotels Carlson Tourism brought a piece of the sunny European south to snowy Siberia. On February 10, the company held Mediterranean Luxury Workshop 2022 in Novosibirsk with representatives of luxury hotels in Greece and Cyprus. Who ignited at this event and what shook the imagination of its participants?

Also, the expert does not worry about the local business in connection with the arrival of such large players: “There are problems for the local tourism industry, small hotels when there are disputes over land. But in general, the appearance of good quality objects nearby gives them a pretty good boost. If only because any large facility generates a flow of customers not only for itself: partners, employees come, many different related topics arise that increase the load on the resort as a whole.”

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