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“I’m not a rich divorcee”: The ex-wife of Muhammad V, Oksana Voevodina told what she lives with her son in London




“I’m not a rich divorcee”: Voevodina told what she lives with her son in London. Oksana Voevodina, 29, moved to the UK with her son. The model responded to rumors that she lives on alimony from her ex-husband.

The owner of the title "Miss Moscow - 2015" brings up two-year-old son Leon from her ex-husband, ex-King of Malaysia Muhammad V. For the sake of her beloved, who is twice older than her, Oksana converted to Islam. However, their marriage did not last long. When the model was pregnant, the chosen one divorced her, calling her a "terrible person" and a "cunning woman." After the birth of his son, Muhammad did not recognize him.


Information appeared that after the divorce, Oksana demanded multimillion-dollar alimony from her ex-husband, as well as real estate in Moscow and London. Recently recognized beauty moved to live in the UK. Fans of the model immediately concluded that it is financed by Muhammad. Voevodina explained how she actually earns. Oksana lives in London with her son.


“Everyone thinks that my ex-husband helped me move to London and we live off of alimony. But it's not! The former spouse does not take any part in the upbringing of Leon. Saying no - I mean the financial side, including, ”said the titled beauty.

According to Oksana, she works in development and real estate. Her organization manages expensive real estate and several hotels. Voevodina holds the position of Investment Advisor.

“I find potentially promising objects for development, do an analysis and consider the profitability and profitability of the project. Plus, I am renovating a boutique hotel in central London and recently led a project to create a vegan restaurant, ”said the ex-wife of Muhammad V.

Oksana assured that her ex-husband does not support her.


Miss Moscow 2015 also searches for interesting projects in the UK and helps bring them to the Russian market. At home, the model has a project for diagnostic diapers and restorative British hair cosmetics, which is now run and managed by her mother.

"Lots of work. I am not a model, not a blogger, not a rich divorcee . But just a working young mother who moved to another country for personal reasons regarding the future of her son and her own, too, ”said Voevodina. 

Earlier, Oksana arranged a photo shoot in a stylish way . She showed off a chiseled figure and long legs.

The ex-wife of Muhammad V is often accused of anorexia and promoting unhealthy thinness. Oksana assures that she is healthy and has no problems with her appetite.

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